What’s with Wearable Fitness Technology?

Wearable fitness technology surely can help motivate you to achieve your goals especially in maintaining good health and achieving a fitness goal.

Wearable Fitness Technology

Technology becomes smaller, thinner but smarter and useful, wearing this technology is a social standard now a day. Nowadays, almost everything is easy. From the food we eat and even in losing weight, technology is very essential in our daily activities.

We all know that technology is helpful almost in everything we do; it’s really fascinating how technology develops and invents things we did not expect that would be helpful.

It’s not surprising that experts develop wearable fitness technology to make exercising more high tech, enjoyable and updated. Especially in monitoring your heart rate during physical activities.

Because fitness is life, wearable fitness technology is on demand and on the go. Even though it’s pricey, people are still willing to pay. Especially those young adults that are very conscious of their body figures and health.

This wearable fitness technology will help the people to get motivated and more physically active.

What is wearable fitness technology?

Today fitness technology is very popular among those people who love exercising to maintain their body tone and health especially to youth and young adults. Basically, wearable fitness technology is a device used to monitor heart rate, calories counter. Most of these devices are connected to the internet.

Wearable fitness technology is a technology generally developed for those who are into fitness and sports. With it, people can be updated about their health during their physical exercises.

Examples of wearable fitness technology are wristband a watch that can calculate your heart rate, a bike computer for cyclist and more. There are various wearable fitness technologies in the market. The only thing you will do is to choose what you need and what is essential for you.

The main reason for creating wearable fitness technology is to monitor your heart rate while doing your physical exercises. This is so you can avoid overdoing physical activities and sports. It also makes exercising easy and interesting.

Examples of wearable fitness technology

Fitness tracker

This wearable fitness technology use to track your heartbeat and counts your calories. It also tracks if you had enough or you need more exercise that day.

Sports watches

This wearable fitness tech is for people who love cycling, running and swimming; this device will provide you with the information about your chosen sports.

Sports clothing

Though this type of wearable fitness technology is not that popular today and not that appealing, this wearable fitness technology is useful, this wearable fitness technology is a garment with electronics that make them look fashionable and interesting, this wearable fitness technology is almost the same with others wearable fitness tech.


This fitness technology is like sunglasses that you need to wear during exercise, this will be used to see your workout analytic, but instead, you will need to glance your bike computer but using this eyewear you can immediately see your workout analytic status.

Smart shoes

This fitness technology will record your running data during your physical activity.

Mbody connected shorts

This is not your usually short, this wearable technology is useful for cyclist duathletes, triathlete, it has a feature that will collect muscle load, heart rate data such as cadence, speed and distance, and this wearable technology will measure the muscles electrical activity.

Smart bicycle helmet

This helmet has a bone-conducting earphone and it has GPS that will direct you to your desired destination.

Features of wearable fitness techonologies

Wearable fitness technologies have main features to help the user for its physical activities.

Heart monitor

Even wearable fitness use differently they still have the same use such as heart monitor, because it’s very important to monitor the heart rate of the user so that he would know if he has enough physical activity or he can go further.

Step counter

From the old pedometer expert invent step counter to track the activities of the user not just to count the steps the user takes but also use to calculate the distance that the user traveled.

Exercise tracker

This feature of wearable fitness technologies is used to track your activity, how many exercises you do each day and you will learn how much calories you burn while exercising.

Calorie monitor and counter

This fitness technology used to count the calories you burn while walking and the good thing is you can also track calories that you’ve consumed for the whole day and it can help you to reduce your intake.

Goal setting

Goal setting can be set personally by the user for your health and fitness goal and you can receive notification from this device to notify you if you did achieve your goal and it will also tell you if you did not achieve your goal.


This feature is connected to apps on your internet or smartphones to track your long-term progress or if you did not gain any progress and if you are into social media you can share your fitness progress in your social media account directly.

Sleep monitor

This feature is used to track your sleep and how many hours you did you sleep for the whole night and it will also notify you if you did a restful sleep or restless sleep and experts believe that this feature is very useful to maintain our good health and we can do some remedies to achieve restful sleep.

But the question of other is this wearable technology is really helpful? Well, your fitness activity will depend on you but this fitness technology but for sure these technologies surely helps you to make things easy and it will motivate you to achieve your goals especially in maintaining good health and achieving a fitness goal.

Going beyond the basic is good especially in achieving your goals especially in fitness and sports and having these technologies will help you to motivate especially in exercising and doing sports activity, losing weight is not easy that’s why it’s very important to stay motivated and keep going.

In the future fitness is ongoing to data-driven which is helpful to track your target heart rate and not just heart rate but it will enhance your good posture to avoid injuries and problems especially in low-back-pain, and hip due to bad posture during exercise activity.

wearable fitness technology

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