Vitamins for Aging: The Top 3 Vitamins That May Help

A well-balanced diet is important but you should also consider the top vitamins for aging. These are Vitamins A, C, and E. It’s important to consume more food or supplements to fight the signs of aging.

Different vitamins for aging

Are you looking for anti-aging supplements? If so then you have several options including vitamins for aging. In the human body, there are 13 vitamins. The best ones for fighting anti-aging include Vitamins A, C, E. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you don’t need the other items. It’s critical to get enough of the daily values you need from all vitamins. However, if you want to fight the signs of aging like dry skin, sun spots, or eye bags then you should consider consuming more of these vitamins. They’re some of the best options for fighting off age-related illness and disease.

As we age it’s normal to start experiencing some of the signs. For example, it’s common for some dark spots or fine lines to show up on the skin. You also might see dark circles or eye bags on your face. When these situations happen, it’s important to deal with them as effectively as possible. You can do that through various methods. One is through boosting your intake of certain vitamins. They include Vitamins that also function as antioxidants. This helps to fight free radical molecules. They try to steal an electron and cause cell/tissue/organ damage.

What Exactly Is Aging?

Before talking about the different vitamins to take it we should talk about aging itself. We often refer to a person’s “chronological age.” In other words, this is your age based on the date, month, and year you were born. Like genes, this is something we can’t change in terms of the aging process.

However, in terms of overall health, there’s also “biological age.” For example, let’s say you’re X years old. You might look and feel younger or older than you are. Most of the time people’s biological age is what it normally is. This is due to the normal aging process.

However, the good news is you can help to “reverse” the aging process. A better term would be “slow” because you can’t stop aging. The key is to prevent your body’s cells from dying. Their goal is to copy each other.

The problem is as people age the strings of cells get shorter. After a while, this process prevents the cells from copying. As a result, they’re unable to survive. It’s a situation you’ll want to avoid to slow down the aging process.

There are many natural/holistic ways you can achieve this goal. They include regular exercise, stress management, sleeping enough sleep, and avoiding unhealthy environments like air pollution, tobacco smoke, and ultraviolet sun rays.

Another way to fight off signs of aging is through eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. This includes:

  • Clean/Lean meats
  • Whole grains
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Dairy
  • Healthy Oil (coconut, olive, etc.)

Even drinking a glass of wine can be healthy. That’s because red/white wine is high in antioxidants. This can help to keep you healthy by fighting free radical molecules. Part of a healthy diet includes consuming vitamins that are also powerful antioxidants. Some of the best ones include Vitamin A, C, and E.

Top Vitamins for Aging

Vitamin A

Foods high in vitamins include carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes. This is also a powerful antioxidant that can help to boost health. It provides important benefits like cell growth, good vision, and a healthy immune system. A strong immune system is especially important for improving your body’s defense system against unhealthy stuff that can cause cell damage, illness, and disease.

There are two main types of Vitamin A. One is from animal-based foods and the other is from plant-based foods. Eating a well-balanced diet can help you get enough of both types of vitamins. Studies show it’s also important to combine Vitamin A with other antioxidants to get the most health benefits.

Vitamin C

This is probably the best well-known vitamin/antioxidant. Many of us have received the advice to drink more orange juice when we’re sick. One of the main reasons is the high C vitamins in the juice. Health experts explain that Vitamin C is one of the safest/best nutrients.

Studies show that Vitamin C can provide several benefits for good health. They include protecting the body from different illnesses/diseases. It doesn’t cure colds but it certainly can help to reduce the symptoms.

One caveat is not to overdo it with the dosage. For example, if you have a cold you don’t need to drink a gallon of juice. However, you could consume more than usual for health benefits.  

Vitamin E

This is another key vitamin/antioxidant that’s a good option for anti-aging. It’s a group of vitamins with antioxidant benefits. You can find this product in many products like fish/krill oil. One benefit of Vitamin E oil is you can apply it to the skin directly.

Studies show Vitamin E supplements might provide various benefits. They include immune system boosts, better eye health, and lower risk of heart/disease/cancer.

Top Vitamin C Foods

1. Mustard Spinach

One cup of raw spinach gives you over 215% of DV. Even after cooking the green leafy vegetables, you’ll still get a high amount of the vitamin/antioxidant. So, you have different options.

2. Yellow Peppers (Sweet)

You get 150% of your daily value from just ½ cup of sweet yellow peppers. This is quite high even compared to other high-C fruits/vegetables. This figure is 2x the amount of Vitamin C in green peppers.

3. Parsley/Thyme

It might be surprising but you can also get a good amount of Vitamin C from these herbs. You won’t get the same amount as high-Vitamin C fruits but herbs are small plants so the amount is quite high all things considered. Another benefit of herbs is they’re very easy to add to your everyday foods.

4. Plums

This is another great source of the antioxidant. If you want to go high-sky then pick the Kakadu plum. One serving has 530% of DV. The Australian fruit has 100x more Vitamin C versus oranges. You can also get lots of Vitamin C from other types of plums.

5. Kale

This is one of the healthiest green along with spinach and Swiss chard. You also get about 90% of DV for the vitamin. You also get a good amount of other nutrients like Vitamin K (Potassium). You can eat kale in different ways like smoothies, salads, and stir-fry.

6. Chili Peppers

Fun Fact: Peppers are fruits since they have seeds. You just one green chili to get over 120%$ of your daily value (DV). You can still get about 70% DV from one red chili pepper. Other good options include bell peppers and others. These foods are high in healthy plant-based nutrients and boost your vitamins for aging.

Vitamins for aging

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