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Need an outstanding sunscreen to protect you all day? Look no further than Vichy Sunscreen! Find out about this amazing product below.

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Vichy Sunscreen is immensely beneficial for optimal skin health. Everybody knows our ozone layer has been depleting quite rapidly. We need plenty of defense against the sun’s harmful rays as it could come with several damaging impacts on the outer skin. 

More so, aside from the current weather, it is really not advisable to walk through the day without using sunscreen to protect the skin. Sunscreen is great as it even provides you an anti-aging defense system. Because apart from external pollutants, ultraviolet direct exposure is just one of the reasons which lead toward premature aging. Simply by putting on sunscreen every single day, you will definitely reduce the outcomes of aging of your skin, and thus, appear much more radiant and youthful for decades more to come. By the time you look back many years from now, the older self version of you is going to be very grateful because of this. 

Established in France during 1931, Vichy formulas incorporate clinically-verified compounds having mineral-abundant volcanic water for the delivery of real, effective skin solutions, particularly for women in all age ranges. At present, Vichy may be the no. 1 brand for anti-aging skincare brands across European pharmacies. Keep reading to learn all about the skin protectant benefits Vichy provides!

Is it safe to use?

This oil-free face and body sunscreen blend excellent UVA + UVB filtering for an amazingly wide-ranging SPF 60 protection against harmful sun rays. Vichy sunscreen quickly absorbs and without any greasy or sticky residue whatsoever. Along with potent antioxidants, E vitamins, white grape extracts, this great product protects your skin to the cellular level. Your skin’s surface layers will appear more beautiful, healthy, and young.

The formulation includes the ff. profile ingredients: 

  • Antioxidants E vitamins + white grape extracts make it possible to counteract free radicals and avoid signs and symptoms in skin aging
  • Allergy-tested
  • Fragrance-free
  • PABA-free
  • Oil-free
  • Water-resistant (up to 40 minutes)
  • Tested in dermatology for best safety
  • Ideal for sensitive skin types

For application, place on face and body 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. Make a point to re-apply per 40 minutes when sweating or swimming and just after towel drying, and also at least every two hours.

Vichy active ingredients: 



What time of day should it be used?

Any time of the day, but particularly before you leave the house to be protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Put on liberally on your face and your body fifteen minutes preceding sun exposure. You must re-apply the sunscreen following 40 minutes doing perspiring activities or swimming, and following towel drying. Kids under six months of age, please consult a doctor’s advice.

How long does it take to kick in?

Five to ten minutes. Best to follow the application guidelines prior to sun exposure. 

How many times should you use it in a day?

For as long as you are exposed to the sun. Re-apply after 40 minutes of sweating or swimming as indicated in the guidelines.

What are the side effects, if any?

Particularly if you have sensitive skin, always pick a brand that is friendly. Observe how your skin reacts.

Side-effects may include: acne formation, itching, burning, or skin stinging. You may also experience early appearance in swelling or redness on your skin. Rash appearance w/ or w/o weeping blisters which turn crusted, particularly around sun-exposed parts, then may stretch to unexposed skin areas. Moreover, pain may be felt for hairy areas, or worse, pus can form inside hair follicles. Always test the product before continued use or check with your doctor if you have sensitive skin.

What are the benefits?

Reduces the possibility for unwanted tanning, sunburns, and skin disorders

The scrappy, itchy feeling after a painful sunburn is never nice. Many people manage sunburns a lot better than others, needless to say, then again, there is a whole lot more to know about getting your skin burned that warrants more reason for concern. As many years pass, the skin which regularly gets sunburned as a result of overexposure, will not only weaken your skin as time passes but allow it to be susceptible to some undesirable skin problems that may be incredibly damaging to all-around health. Simply by applying sunscreen to the skin on a regular basis, will make a big difference in due course in terms of minimizing these risks.

Moreover, skin cancer cases are increasing all over the world. One of the more easy, convenient approaches to prevent it is by just applying your reliable, effective sunscreen before going outdoors. This can considerably cut down the chance of developing cancer of the skin, then again make certain you reapply the sunscreen as directed in the bottle. For Vichy sunscreen, it is every 40 minutes for optimum protection.

Maintains skin tone evenness 

Uneven skin to dark spots produces your skin to appear more lifeless, dull. By simply using sunscreen like Vichy on a regular basis, this ensures the skin tone continues to be even while minimizing the possibility of growing dark spots to blemishes. It’s vital to all types of skin, age ranges to keep applying sunscreen before heading out and under the sun’s rays. More so, finding sunscreen using the right SPF rating often helps avoid UV rays to tan your skin. 

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

At $30.50 per 150 mL, the bottle is cost-affordable, not to mention, highly-effective compared to most brands of sunscreen. Vichy sunscreen is ultra-light and provides maximum protection for your face and body skin. Very easy to apply, while leaving no residue. It is also continuously water-resistant. The product is PABA-free and protects you from free radicals.

Company Information

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

Rebecca Z.
This is to me the best sunscreen out there

This is to me the best sunscreen out there! my mom had dark spots on her face for about 20 years and when she started wearing this it disappeared, apparently being exposed to the sun causes the appearance of brown spots on her face. I totally recommend it and what I love is that it lasts a fair 6 months using this everyday.

Light and non irritating for sensitive skin

I got this for hubby who burns easily but he hates the feeling of lotions. This is the only sunscreen he’ll actually wear and not complain about the oiliness/heaviness of lotion. I also have eczema on my face and it doesn’t irritate me at all. Highly recommended for sensitive skin.

effective and inoffensive

This is a thick vanishing-cream sunblock, quite effective, not smelly or goopy.

I love, love

I love, love, love this product. Having sensitive skin I always had problem with finding the right sunscreen lotion. Vichy provided the solution. Not only does it have high SPF, but the creamy texture that provides hydration along with protection. I would highly recommend this product to a friend.

Amazon Customer
Great product

Excellent quality, reasonable price and great sun protector. I truly recommend it.

5 negative reviews

Betty Darling
Contains Oxybenzone, a chemical known to be killing the coral reefs!

We know of at least 2 chemicals commonly found in sunscreens that are killing the coral reefs: Octinoxate, and Oxybenzone. This sunscreen contains the latter. Even if you don’t care about the environment (and why not? you do live here!) you probably aren’t a fan of hurricanes, tropical storms, and the resulting floods. Coral reefs protect our shoes from erosion, mitigating the damage these storms, storms increasing in frequency and intensity. Please skip this sunscreen, and others containing the ingredients Octinoxate or Oxybenzone.


Ordered 2 – One was defective so be careful!

We ordered two of these. One was great. The second bottle was defective though. After just a month it started getting lumps and sand like texture to it. No idea what’s wrong with it but You can’t return anything after 30 days so I guess I’m SOL.

Nabeel M.

It burned my face no sunscreen

The product used to be excellent and was a regular user but the last purchase was bad

There is something rong in this product

It is probably a counterfeit


Un sealed

The item that I received were not sealed and as one other reviewer said seemed to be fake!

Amazon Customer

Fake product Alert!

This product is fake and not the real product. I have very sensitive skin and got rashes after applying it.

Do not recommend this product. Buy the real product. See image. product on the left is what I received and product on right and a gift from Canada. Its the actual real product.

Where to buy

Link to the product page:

Need optimal protection from the rays of the sun? Taking a look at Vichy sunscreen should be a good start.

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