Benefits of Triphala and Ways to Use It

Triphala is used for more than a thousand years because of its purported health benefits. It is believed to treat various conditions ranging from dental cavities to stomach problems.


Used for more than a thousand years because of its purported health benefits, Triphala is a herbal concoction made up of 3 medicinal plants in India. As part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine, it is believed to treat various conditions ranging from dental cavities to stomach problems.

3 Native Plants Native to India

  1. Terminalia chebula or Haritaki

Also called Haritaki, Terminalia chebula grows in Thailand, China, India and the Middle East. In Ayurveda, it is recognized as king of medicines. It is a remedy for many diseases including stomach ailments, ulcers, asthma and heart disease. It is packed with phytochemicals including flavonoids, anthocyanins, polyphenols and terpenes.

According to studies, Terminalia chebula is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It can also be used as remedy for constipation and other digestive problems. It relieves constipation by increasing the intestinal transit time.

  1. Terminalia bellirica or Bibhitaki

A large tree which usually grows in Southeast Asia, Terminalia bellirica is known in Ayurvedic medicine as Bibhitaki. Its fruit is utilized as remedy for common conditions such as viral and bacterial infections.

Terminalia bellirica contains flavones, lignans, gallic acid, ellagic acid and tannins. These powerful compounds are known for their anti-inflammatory properties which can help treat various medical conditions.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Terminalia bellirica is used as treatment for blood sugar dysregulation and diabetes. Because it is rich in ellagic acid and gallic acid, it can provide important benefits to body weight, insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels. According to studies, these two have been shown to boost insulin resistance and lower high blood sugar.

  1. Emblica officinalis or Amla

In Ayurvedic medicine, Emblica officinalis is very important and is considered one of India’s oldest edible fruits. It is commonly referred to as Indian gooseberry, which is characterized by a fibrous texture and a sharp sour taste.

Emblica officinalis is rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamin C. It also contains emblicol, curcuminoids, rutin, phyllembelic acid, tannins, phenols and other powerful plant compounds.

Known for its potent anti-cancer properties, an extract of Emblica officinalis has been shown to curb the growth of ovarian and cervical cancer cells.

Triphala’s Health Benefits

  1. Rich in Antioxidants

Triphala is recognized for its important anti-inflammatory properties. It contains potent plant compounds such as saponins, tannins, polyphenols, flavonoids and vitamin C. They counter the negative effects of oxidative stress to prevent the onset of chronic disease.

According to studies, antioxidant-rich diets can lower the risk of premature aging, diabetes, some cancers and heart disease. In small studies, it has decreased the damage and inflammation caused by arthritis.

Supplements with antioxidants provide many benefits like reduced inflammation, improved athletic performance and lower chances of heart disease.

  1. Cancer Protection

In small studies, Triphala has demonstration a capacity to protect against some cancers. It has high levels of strong antioxidants such as polyphenols and gallic acid. These are the reasons behind cancer-fighting properties of Triphala. Despite the promising results, there is still a need to evaluate Triphala’s effectiveness and safety to patients.

  1. Benefits of Dental Health

Triphala has shown the ability to protect against dental cavities and disease. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which can help stop the formation of plaque. This is the common cause of gingivitis and cavities.

When added to a mouthwash, an extract of Triphala can protect the mouth from bacterial growth, gum inflammation and plaque buildup.

  1. Weight Loss Aid

According to research, Triphala can assist in weight loss particularly in the belly part. A high-fat diet with Triphala supplements had led to substantial reductions in body fat, energy intake and body weight.

  1. Natural Treatment for Constipation and Other Digestive Issues

In terms of effectiveness, Triphala has shown similarities to over-the-counter laxatives. It has significantly improved constipation systems including more complete evacuations and reduced straining.

Triphala enhances bowel movements’ consistency and frequency. It has also been shown to fix intestinal damage and decrease intestinal inflammation.

Uses of Triphala

Available online and at health food stores, Triphala can be made into liquid, powder or capsule form. It should be taken on an empty stomach in between meals to achieve maximum absorption.

Larger doses of Triphala can be utilized as treatment for constipation. All you have to do is mix honey and warm water before taking it before meals.

To create a soothing drink, mix a powder version of Triphala with a type of clarified butter called ghee. Turn it into a soothing drink by adding warm water.

Additional Information

Aside from all its common features, uses and benefits, Triphala is said to be helpful in delivering enough body nutrients and in maintaining good bone health. It also helps in the removal of excessive uric acid from the human body. Uric acid is the common cause of inflammation in the joint and bone.

Triphala has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial capacities. It makes the wounds heal faster and helps in the process of recovery.

A one-stop solution for hair growth problems, Triphala is recognized for its ability to trigger hair growth. It has emollient properties which prevent alopecia and locks in the moisture. It can be taken orally or applied as a topical solution.

Triphala offers a solution to bad breath. Just add a teaspoon of powdered Triphala into a glass of water and then gargle. It can benefit kids with weak immunity because it effectively fights different types of common infections like fever, cold and cough.

Triphala can be used to cure dizziness and motion sickness. just mix a few grams of Triphala with honey each time you feel sick. Consume the mixture every morning especially if you are experiencing regular dizziness.

Use Triphala to treat the dark circles around the eyes. These include tired and puffy eyes, both of which can be treated using an eyewash created with Triphala.

Stop hormonal imbalance with Triphala in order to prevent any complications to your health. It has been proven effective against irregular and painful periods. A teaspoon of Triphala combined with warm water before going to bed at night can significantly improve your hormones.

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