5 Best Texas Anti-Aging Medicine Institute

Do you live in Texas and want anti-aging treatments? If so then you should find the best texas anti aging medicine institute. You can go there for chemical peels, antioxidant injections, and laser resurfacing.

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How can you find the best Texas anti-aging medicine institute? Texas is the largest state in the continental US and only Alaska is larger in the country. You can find many anti-aging clinics/institutes but it will be tougher in more rural areas. Meanwhile, you can find more in cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Even if you don’t live in those areas you can still find some locations in smaller cities/towns. Today anti-aging tech has improved greatly. There are many options besides basic wrinkle creams. They include treatments like Vitamin A injections and laser resurfacing. The main benefit of visiting clinics is you can get prescription-strength medicines and cosmetic procedures.

When picking an anti-aging clinic you have many options. They include ones like the location, size, specialties, reviews, and rates. These are all important issues to help you pick the best option for your particular needs. For example, there’s a difference between picking a low-carb program and zapping wrinkles with powerful lasers. In fact, it’s a good idea to go with a clinic/doctor who specializes in the particular age-defying treatment you want. This can help to make sure you’re getting the best results trying to turn back your biological age.  

What Exactly Is Anti-Aging?

The term has been trending in recent years but it can be tough to sort out what it means. The reason is it depends on who you ask. For example, you can find many gimmick products on the market that are stuff snake oil salesmen might try to sell back in the day.

Then there’s the research done by scientists to find the Fountain of Youth on a cellular level. The “free radical theory of aging” was introduced over 6 decades ago in 1959. It hasn’t been proven yet and many scientists say it’s outdated or simply wrong.

In recent years another popular theory related to “telomeres” has been trending. These are the “shoelace caps” on the ends of DNA molecules known as chromosomes. When the molecules divide/copy this causes them to become shorter.

One anti-aging theory is the key to a longer life is to protect our telomeres to keep human cells alive longer. The human body has an average of 37 trillion cells. That’s a good thing, right? The problem is as we age the rate at which new cells replace old ones slows down. This causes many aging issues like gray hair and dry skin.

Then there are over-the-counter (OTC) anti-aging products. These products can sometimes help skin look younger by adding moisture, proteins, and vitamins/minerals to the skin.

They don’t have synthetic chemicals which is a plus and minus. It helps to avoid harsh side-effects but also makes the medicines less effective.  In fact, many health experts argue that the benefits of so-called wrinkle creams are usually just cosmetic.

Meanwhile, anti-aging medical treatments include cosmetic procedures and prescription-strength treatments. If you want real improvements in fighting aging then they’re a better option. Instead of just adding some collagen to your dry skin they can boost the skin’s production of the protein, for example.

The 5 Best Texas Anti-Aging Medicine Institutes


This clinic has received high marks for providing helpful/professional services. The staff is willing to make adjustments based on your work schedule. This is an important issue since sometimes it might seem tough to schedule doctor appointments based on the hustle and bustle of modern life.


Many past customers have had an excellent experience when visiting the clinic even if they have to drive several miles to get there. It’s been praised for its expertise/experience.

One of the main benefits is the clinic has the know-how to deal with unique hormone issues. This is important because it’s important for people to get personalized care. That’s possible at this clinic versus others.


Many past customers have been pleased with the clinic’s services. That includes different treatments like laser resurfacing. The laser treatments can also help with hair removal in body parts like under-arms and legs.

The staff is good at explaining all the details about the different procedures. This makes the process faster since all important issues are discussed before the treatment takes place. This is critical to get the fastest/best results.


Dr. Riegel is an anti-aging specialist for 30+ years. He was trained at Southwestern Medical School and has received a famous award. Dr. Riegel has been involved in research including hormone therapy. He has patients from throughout the US.


This clinic has received praise for an effective consultation. This allows the staff to learn about your concerns and explain the options you have. You also get an honest review of any signs of aging the staff sees.

This is important to make sure you get the right treatments you need. It will help to avoid wasting time, effort, and money on medicines/procedures you don’t really need.

Key Features When Picking Anti-Aging Clinic

1. Specialty

This is an important issue to take up. You’ll have to pay higher rates for a specialist in areas like laser treatments and Botox injections. However, it might be worthwhile if it means you can get better results. When someone is zapping your age spots with a laser you’ll want them to be as accurate as possible.

Another plus is you’ll generally get better results when you go with a specialist. This differs from general anti-aging doctors who are a jack of all trades. You can have a good experience but it’s less likely to be top-notch versus specialists.

2. Experience

You should also consider the experience a particular anti-aging doctor has. In general, you’ll want to avoid newbies since you’ll be less likely to get a positive experience. Meanwhile, you can find some doctors who have one or more decades in the industry. There’s no substitute for experience.

3. Rates

This is determined based on a wide range of factors. Where is the clinic’s location? How much experience does the doctor have? What kind of treatment are you getting?

You should also keep in mind that insurance companies consider most anti-aging treatments as “cosmetic” so they often don’t cover it. You might have to shell out lots of money for your treatment if you don’t have health insurance, for example.  

4. Location

As noted Texas is the largest state in the continental USA and only Alaska is larger. In terms of finding an anti-aging clinic, it will be tougher if you live in a suburban/rural area. So it’s a good idea to consider how far you’d have to travel to get to a particular clinic.

In general, you’ll have to spend lower rates at clinics in large cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin. That’s due to basic supply and demand when picking a texas anti-aging medicine institute.

Best Texas Anti-aging medicine

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