Strength Training for Women

Strength training for women is the fastest way to improve your muscles strength and endurance that can allow you to do an everyday task that will not exert too much effort for a longer time.

strength training for women

Strength training for women is a design for developing long muscles mass. It is referred to the type of exercise that requires your muscles to exert a lot of force as a form of resistance.

This type of training is the fastest way to improve your muscles strength and endurance. It can allow you to do an everyday task that will not exert too much effort for a longer time.

Doing this training properly can provide functional benefits and improvements. Not just for the health but also in your well being, including increased of bones, muscles, ligament, and tendons.

Though other women are afraid of developing muscles there are a lot of women who are into strength training. Especially those who are conscious with their health and body figure. You cannot have a sexy and lean body just doing a diet alone. You need to exercise to be able to build good body posture.

A lot of women today engage in strength training for different reasons. Some engage in strength training to have a lean muscular body, others do it for health purposes, nothing less. Whatever reason you have strength training is good for you. The following are the strength training design for women.

Some strength training for women

1. Strength train with the right exercise

  • Barbell squat: Barbell squat is also known as Olympic squat mainly for your quadriceps and muscles in your thighs.
  • Barbell deadlift: Is also known as the king of exercise because this exercise will recruit more muscle from your entire body such as hamstring, glutes, and lower back that will be targeted directly by this exercise, and the other muscles will work as a support system while you are doing this extreme exercise.
  • Dumbbell lunge: This type of exercise will help your body full body strength, athleticism, and balance that will be useful in your daily activity and doing sports and you can do it inside your house or apartment. This exercise will also strengthen the weaker side of the body, because of the lunge you can easily determine if the one side of your body is stronger and the other side is weaker.
  • Good morning: This exercise will give your hamstring, abs and lower back a workout, this workout will strengthening your lower back but you need to do it correctly to avoid fractures, doing this exercise need more attention, and you need to do it gradually and not abruptly.
  • Split squat: This exercise is good for lower body movement especially in glutes and hamstring, split squats also enhance hips flexibility and balance and it can get you strong, bigger and fast.
  • Pushup: Push up can increase your body functional strength via full body activation, push up also stretch your muscle at the back, well stretch muscles can give you an attractive appearance and it will improve your flexibility,
  • Dumbbell bench press: This exercise will help you to have a strong chest it will also strengthen the muscles front and top of the shoulder.
  • Military press: Is an exercise that complete shoulder building exercise that will be perfect you tend to build your shoulder muscles and this muscle called deltoid muscles, this exercise will also target your triceps and your core.
  • Chin up: This exercise will help you to strengthen your muscle in your biceps and latissimus dorsi that can extend your shoulder and elbows.
  • Pullup: Is an upper body pulling exercise that will concentrate to develop your upper body muscles, this exercise can help you to build your upper body muscles that can result to attractive body posture.
  • Plank: Is a type of exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to push up but it will be done for a maximum possible time. The main purpose of this exercise is to strengthen your back, abdomen, and shoulders.
  • Ab roller: This exercise is mainly for your muscles in your abdomen it will generate more muscles from abdomen and oblique’s, it will also develop better balance for your body,
  • Hanging leg raise: Is core strengthening exercises that target the whole abdominal muscles that emphasize the lower abdominal and hip flexor.
  • Overhead squat: This exercise will target your quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, abdominal muscles, and triceps. Doing this exercise can help you to develop tone muscles in your lower back and triceps.
  • Kettlebell swing: This exercise will make the lower part of your body strong it will strengthen the muscles in the lower part of the body that can help to maintain your attractive look.
  • Hummer curls: This is good for the biceps; your muscles in the arm will get stronger and lean.
  • Single leg split squat: Unlike other squats, this squat will give infancy in the glute that can give you a perky and lean muscle in the bottom.

2. Strength train with proper intensity

You need to set what you can do for a period of time. It should be achievable and realistic because everyone’s strength is different from each other. If you can do 12 chin up don’t do just 8 chin up because it’s how intensity measured. Doing exercise intensity is doing it to your limit and don’t go beyond your limit it can cause injury if you force yourself.

3. Strength train with proper procedure

This is very important in strength train because if you do it in a wrong way you will get injured. Not only that,you might not achieve the body you want because you did it wrong. Always remember that when you start right you will end right. If you start at the wrong side you will end at the wrong side to.

4. Strength with proper split

Proper split would allow your body to train your muscles with proper frequency and you are stimulating your muscles mass in every training you are doing and splits can build you a lean and sexy body and proper slip can make your muscles more flexible.

5. Do it with passion

Doing what you love can boost your mood and you can do it properly and the result would be excellent, do exercise with passion because if the person is not committed to doing strength training cannot achieve the goal he wanted.

Importance of strength training for women

Strength training is a key to have an overall healthy fitness. Doing strength training can preserve your muscles mass that will be diminished because of aging, the increase of stored fat in our body can make us look older over time and doing strength muscle training can reduce the sign of aging.

Regular strength training can control gaining weights because it will burn calories we get from foods we eat that will result in healthy weight loss. When we build muscles we are not prone of getting injured easily for a reason that muscles will protect your joints and muscles will improve your balance. Strength training can improve joint functions and it will also improve your metabolism.

How and when can you start doing strength training?

To achieve a leaner, stronger physique, you need to exercise and do the strength training. How could you know that you are ready to undergo such kind of exercise?

You can do it as soon as you are ready in fact you can do it in your home. But if you are beginner it’s advisable to do it at the gym with proper equipment and ask the instructor for the proper execution of strength training.

You should know that you need to do it regularly because strength training is done regularly for the best result. In short before you begin doing the training you need to make sure you can do it till the end. You need to choose what type of strength training you like and will fit with you. you need to see your option before choosing what strength training you want to do.

Kinds of strength training

Bodyweight training

This type of training does not need any equipment or will need just minimal equipment and you can train anywhere as long as there is a space.

Dumbbell training

Dumbbell training is a great start for weight strength training. A lot of gyms has a good dumbbell for the training and it will add a small weight to movement and will add intensity in training.

Barbell training

Barbell training can make your progress go quickly because barbells are stable.
And most of the question is what is the best strength training is best for women? The answer is it’s up to you, the thing you need to consider is can you do it? Are you motivated enough to do the training if yes do it with the right procedure.

Importance of strength training

A lot of us are worried about maintaining good health. As we age, our bones become brittle and muscles will sag. However, do you know that doing strength training can help to preserve our muscles?

Strength training is very important to women because it can prevent osteoporosis in later age, women lose its bones after menopausal period because estrogen will drop sharply and even muscles are lost during this period of time, that’s why it’s very important for women to do strength training before they are menopause so that their muscles are preserved and physical aging can be slowdown.

Doing straight training like weight lifting can prevent bone loss and can make other new bones. Another benefit of strength training is aesthetics. Having a strong frame in old age can give women a self-confidence as she can still wear fashionable clothes even she is old.

Maintaining body figure is important not just because we want to look beautiful and attractive but it’s good and beneficial for our health. Exercise and a healthy diet is the key to achieve a good figure and good body posture.

Workouts are not just for men. A lot of women do workouts to tone their body. Women today can have lean long and stronger muscles unlike a few decades ago.

Women today are very motivated in doing exercise than before. They do exercise beyond what people think that women can do and it’s one of women’s empowerment today.

And thankfully strength training for women is more available today than before. Women before did exercise by doing aerobics wearing leotards. This is almost gone because women of this generation seek a more challenging way of workouts.

What you need to consider doing strength muscles

You need to ask your doctor first if it’s good for your health or it’s bad for your health. Especially strength training that will need more force to execute.

Your body capability if you already know that your cardiovascular capacity is not enough for strength training. Start doing exercise to develop your cardiovascular capacity before you proceed with strength training.

Fun facts about strength muscle training for women

  • Human muscles have a more than 650 muscles
  • 36 percent of women weight is tissue
  • Skeletal muscles in the biggest human tissue
  • You can get a big body like pro bodybuilders without using steroid but it will take time.
  • The more you work out the more you grow your muscles and bones.
  • Being big doesn’t mean you need to be strong
  • The best training program that pro bodybuilders use is the best program for everyone who wants to build their muscles.
  • 45 seconds rest for every set

Strength training is good for everybody. If you want to get the best result combine it with bodyweight exercise. You also need to do it 3 times a week to see the best result. However, do not do it excessively because doing it in an extreme manner can damage your training program process. If you want to develop your cardiovascular capacity to do strength training consider adding cardiovascular exercise in your exercise routine. This includes running and walking that helps to burn your fats. Combine strength training with diet is good and effective.

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