How to Naturally Stop the Aging Process

The aging process cannot be stopped. What you can do is to slow it down with these tips.

Aging woman

Everyone undergoes the aging process. You will know that you are already there when you see that your hair starts to turn gray, you get tired easily, you feel weak, or even you start having wrinkles. Aside from those, you can see changes in your heart and teeth too. But is there a way to stop the aging process?

One thing that you should know is that aging cannot be stopped. What you can do is slow it down. Lucky for you, we will provide you with 15 effective and proven-and-tested tips that you can do at home without the hassle. These notes are for your whole body and not just specific parts.

1. Shield your skin from the sun.

In case you need to go out, such as do errands or enjoy the beach, remember to apply sun protection. You can opt for a sunscreen that is water-resistant or ones that have SPF 30. Apply it to those areas that cannot be covered by your clothes.

It will also be helpful if you cover yourself with clothes, especially if you are just planning to do some tasks outside. You can also seek shade or use an umbrella.

2. Go to the toilet.

Do not limit yourself to going to the toilet. You must do it regularly. If you are not used to this, you can set a schedule to urinate. For starters, you can do for every hour. Then, when you get used to it, you can extend until your body is used to it.

3. Do not get a tan.

Did you know that your skin can age prematurely whenever you get a tan? It is also the same when you get a tan from the sun or expensive tanning equipment. Remember, all UV rays that you can get from these can increase the aging process of your skin.

4. Eat healthily

This is a must especially for those who are already overweight. Eating healthy will not only help you lose excess pounds, but it can also boost your brain. Add fruits, whole grains, and vegetables to your diet. You can also eat low-fat protein foods like lean meat, skinless poultry, and fish.

As much as possible, avoid alcohol as this can give you memory loss and confusion. You need to limit your

5. Do not smoke

Smoking can lead to various conditions. Not only will it make you age, but it can also decrease your lifespan. Also, smoking can make your skin age faster. Your skin will become sallow and dull as well.

6. Try Kegel exercise

This type of exercise focuses on your pelvic floor muscles. What you do is squeeze your muscles that are responsible for stopping the passage of gas. You can do the exercise for three seconds and then rest for another three seconds. Do this for about 15 times a row three times per day.

7. Lessen repetitive facial expressions

You probably have a facial expression that you always do. When you make an expression, the muscles contract. Meaning to say, when your muscles are contracted repeatedly, the lines in your face become permanent. If possible, avoid doing the same expressions all the time.

8. Do not irritate your bladder

You can do this by avoiding carbonated beverages, alcohol, acidic foods, and caffeine. These drinks can make the incontinence of your bladder worse.

9. Make sure your skin is clean

Make it a habit that you scrub your skin every day. Doing this will prevent skin irritation and skin aging. Be sure to gently wash your face so that you can remove substances, makeup, and pollution.

You can also wash your face every day especially when it is full of perspiration. If possible, wash it immediately when you sweat. Applying moisturizers can be great too. This will make your skin appear youthful and fresh.

10. Stay mentally active

If your brain is always active, you can expect that it will maintain your thinking and memory skills. To achieve this, you can do tons of things like taking classes, playing an instrument, trying out a new hobby, playing word games, and reading.

11. Treat conditions, particularly cardiovascular diseases

When you cure your ailments, you experience less pain and improve your overall body performance. This is the same when you treat cardiovascular diseases. You can eliminate diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. These ailments can end up giving you cognitive decline so get treated as soon as possible.

12. Do checkups

People often take checkups for granted. But did you know that this is very important? Checkups can help you determine your health. It can detect ailments that you have but you are not aware of it. Be sure to follow the instructions of your doctor. If he says that you need glasses for your eyes or hearing aids, do not hesitate to follow them.

13. Remember to floss and brush

As mentioned earlier, your teeth ages too. Keep in mind to brush your teeth twice a day. It might also help that you use an interdental cleaner or dental floss. This should be done once a day.

14. Socialize

Did you know that social interaction can eliminate stress and depression? It does! Being social is not even hard at all. You can volunteer at events at school or work, attend social gatherings, or bond with your friends and family.

15. Avoid constipation

Incontinence can become worse with constipation. You can eat fiber to prevent having constipation.

These are just 15 ways that you can slow down the process of aging in your skin, face, teeth, and other parts of your body. Those mentioned above are not really that complicated, right? You can just incorporate these into your daily life so you will not forget it.

These tips can improve your whole body and maintain it youthful. If these are not enough, you can always consult your doctor. Taking care of your body should not be obligated. You should be doing that ever since.

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