Early Signs of Aging at 30

Most people begin seeing signs of aging at 30, or what is also known as premature aging. Let’s look at the premature signs of aging and ways to prevent it .

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From 0 to 29 years your body still blooms in its youthful vigor. But once you enter your 30’s, things are spiced up a little bit. Most people begin seeing signs of aging at 30, a name has been given to this phase and that is premature aging. The older you get, the more your body processes slow down. It’s a natural phenomenon. Every system in your body has been functioning since you were born and thirty years up the line its strength is lessening and it needs more recovery time. This should not scare you because our body is created in such a loving way that it still continues to function even though it may need more time but it won’t give up on you.

One thing many would wish to change about aging is the announcement signpost it always comes with. It would have been better if all the signs were internal but that is not the case as externally visible signs accompany old age. The most common are facial changes like the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines. The good news is that some of these signs can be taken care of. Before we go into details on how to do that let’s look at the premature signs of aging.

What Are The Signs Of Aging At 30

1. Dry, dull skin

One of the functions of the skin is that it exfoliates, meaning, it sheds off the dead layer of cells. But when one begins aging the skin is not able to carry out this function efficiently. This causes a build-up of dead cells on the surface of the skin thus decreasing its glow and luminosity.

2. Brown spots

Brown spots are very obvious signs of early aging. Another name for this is age spots, liver spots or sunspots. They normally show up on exposed skin areas and can be a side effect to prolonged sun exposure or the normal aging process.

3. Loss of face volume

The face bony structure experiences many of your aging changes. This could be reflected in its volume loss, eye-widening, jaw bone shrinkage and decreased fat compartments.

4. Leathery chest

You can tell that the aging process has set in when your chest takes on a leathery appearance. This is caused by the depleted collagen and skin’s moisture over time. Your lifestyle can also accelerate the process of aging for example if you are fond of spending too much time under the sun.

5. Wrinkles and fine lines

Wrinkles are a normal and natural effect of aging. The age at which people begin noticing theirs differ, some do in their 30s, or 40s and so on. However, wrinkles are more visible around the mid-30s especially if the person is more exposed to the sun. Likewise, a person who deliberately avoids sun exposure can witness these changes later on in their life.

6. Lips thinning

This is another signpost of aging. Your collagen supply depletes as you get older and this affects the lip thickness. You can maintain the plumpness of your lips by applying lip balms along with sunscreens.

7. Veiny hands

Before your face, the number one body part that is more damaged by the sun are your arms. Sadly not a lot has been said about this neither is the much-needed effort put into protecting the hands like other body parts. The ultraviolet rays released from the sun harms the elastin of the skin causing sagginess, wrinkles, and discoloration. With time the hand skin thins out allowing the veins to be more prominent.

8. Vertical lines on the mouth

You might notice some vertical lines around your mouth and this is more visible when your lipstick goes into these deep lines. Another cause for this sign is cigarette smoking or damage from the sun. It can also be a genetic issue. The surrounding skin here can also become yellow in color and thickened.

9. Spider veins

A spider vein is a name used to call the broken blood vessels which are also early aging signs. The cause of this may be genetics, excessive alcohol consumption or sun exposure. It can also be linked to Rosacea, a skin condition.

How To Stop Aging?

This is among the most frequently asked question whenever the subject of aging is being discussed. Like mentioned earlier, aging is more of an internal process and a natural one at that so it can’t be stopped as long as the person is alive. However the appearance of signs can be controlled or even reversed. There are many different ways to go about this;

Get started on retinoid. Meet a doctor for a prescription as there are different types of retinoids and you want to be confident about the things you apply to your skin.

A facial peel is popular among females who desire to improve their skin’s texture, firmness, and tone especially those concerned about large pores, wrinkles, and redness.

Including chemical exfoliants in your skincare routine will be beneficial to you. They are good for disposing of dead cells and unclogging skin pores without the irritation and harsh abrasion that accompanies physical exfoliation.

Start Now!

The best time to begin taking care of your skin is now. Don’t wait till the first wrinkles pope out. Applying these chemicals on your face can only do so much. The natural and easier way of skincare is following the basics which include washing your face at least twice a day, drinking lots of water, using safe moisturizes and avoiding the sun. Signs of aging at 30 are a reality for the majority but it does not have to be yours too if you start from an early age to take care of your skin.

What are the signs of aging at 30

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