Serrapeptase Supplementation: Benefits and Dangers

Serrapeptase is a form of enzyme found in the Silkworm’s digestive and is readily available as a form of health supplement. Let’s take a look at the health benefits and possible risk of serrapeptase supplementation.

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With our hectic and sometimes crazy work schedules, we can sometimes overlook our health and wellness. This can result in the appearance of various illnesses or medical conditions that can adversely affect the quality of our lives. These include pain and inflammation in the different parts of our bodies. Fortunately, modern and alternative medicines and supplements can provide us with relief that we need through increased health benefits and enhanced efficacy. One such supplement is known as Serrapeptase. In this article, let us look at what Serrapeptase is and the possible benefits and risks of serrapeptase supplementation.

Serrapeptase: A Brief Backgrounder

This enzyme known as Serrapeptase can be acquired through the isolation of certain enzymes of bacteria which are in silkworms. For many years, people from Europe and Japan have used this supplement to address certain conditions such as inflammation, trauma, and surgical pain. At present, Serrapeptase is utilized and readily available as a form of health supplement and can allegedly provide numerous health benefits to individuals. 

But what really is Serrapeptase?

It is also referred to as serratiopeptidase and is a form of the enzyme that is proteolytic which means it has the ability to process proteins and break them down into amino acids, protein’s building blocks. Serrapeptase is found and produced in the Silkworm’s digestive tract and is primarily utilized by the silkworms for dissolving its cocoon once it turns into a moth. Trypsin, bromelain, and chymotrypsin and similar other enzymes that are proteolytic became part of the medical practice in 1950s United States where it was noted that the said enzymes can help address the effects of inflammation. This was also documented in 1960s Japan where researchers were able to extract serrapeptase from silkworms.  It is even suggested that Serrapeptase be considered or identified as one of the most potent forms of proteolytic enzyme especially in terms of the reduction of inflammation. Since the publication of the said studies, a number of other health benefits have been proposed for Serrapeptase.

Serrapeptase Anti Aging: The Possible Health Benefits

Enumerated below are some of the possible health benefits of this proteolytic enzyme:

Serrapeptase can help in the reduction of inflammation

Serrapeptase is most popularly utilized to address inflammation, a type of bodily and biological response to injuries. For dentists, Serrapeptase is commonly used right after dental procedures that are considered minor which include facial swelling, jaw muscles that spasm (lockjaw), and pain reduction during tooth extraction. This is because it is believed to minimize cell inflammation at the affected portion or area. One study tried to verify the anti-inflammatory properties of Serrapeptase compared to other traditional anti-inflammatories when used after the extraction of wisdom teeth. The researchers were surprised to note that Serrapeptase fared better than other powerful anti-inflammatory drugs such as corticosteroids and ibuprofen. In addition, while corticosteroids were observed to be more effective in the reduction of swelling of the face, it was noted that Serrapeptase fared better in the long run. The prevention of chronic inflammation  Further studies are needed, however, to establish how it performs in terms of pain management or relief. It was also observed by the researchers that during the same study, Serrapeptase had a safety profile that is better compared to other medications which means it can be used as an alternative for people with adverse reactions to certain drugs. 

Serrapeptase can also help in pain relief

There is also evidence to suggest that Serrapeptase can help address pain, a symptom associated with inflammation,  through the inhibition of compounds that cause pain. A study observed the effects of this enzyme in patients (around 200 participants) suffering from throat conditions, and inflamed nose and ears. It was observed that those patients who took in Serrapeptase supplements had significantly reduced pain and production of mucus versus those who only took in placebos. A different study also showed the effectiveness of Serrapeptase in alleviating pain caused by wisdom tooth removal within a period of 24 hours(one whole day). A separate study also showed that people who underwent some form of dental surgery had reduced pain and swelling but not as much as those who took in corticosteroids. Similar to the anti-inflammatory effects of Serrapeptase, further research is needed to establish the actual pain relief brought about by this enzyme before it can officially be used in certain medical procedures.

Serrapeptase can aid in the prevention of infections

The possibility of bacterial infections may also be greatly reduced with the supplementation of Serrapeptase. Bacteria can combine with other microorganisms that form a protective barrier against other medications such as antibiotics.  This barrier is referred to as biofilm and with Serrapeptase, bacteria are prevented from forming the said barrier. Once these biofilms are prevented from forming, it will be easier for antibiotics to penetrate the site of the infection resulting in the effectiveness of the antibiotics to significantly increase.

A separate study also observed that Serrapeptase can help improve the effects of antibiotics on S. aureus (Staphylococcus aureus), a form of bacteria that contribute to the other infections associated with healthcare. It was also noted that taking antibiotics together with Serrapeptase can better treat infections that may have become antibiotic-resistant. A number of studies also support that when taken alongside other antibiotics, Serrapeptase can help prevent the progression of further infection especially for those that have the possibility of becoming antibiotic-resistant.

All of these health benefits can consequentially contribute to better health and help improve longevity and fight off premature aging.

Some Possible Risks and Dangers of Serrapeptase Supplementation

While the numerous health benefits of Serrapeptase supplementation are significant and critical, there are also some possible risks associated with it. These include disturbances in the clotting of blood, coughing, stomach pain, nausea, an appetite that is poor, pain in the joints and muscles, and other adverse skin reactions. 

In addition, it is recommended that blood thinners not be taken together with Serrapeptase and other health supplements such as turmeric, fish oil, and garlic as taking these in combination may increase an individual’s chance of bruising or bleeding. It is still best to consult with your doctor or healthcare partner to ensure that your supplements and medications do not contraindicate one another.

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