What Is Proprietary Biosphere?

In general, proprietary biosphere, along with QuSomes are new systems of delivery for certain beauty products particularly anti-aging creams.

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Proprietary Biosphere: A Brief Introduction

This proprietary biosphere is a relative newcomer on the skincare products scene and admittedly needs further substantial studies to establish what it actually is. From the name itself, it seems that the proprietary biosphere means an environmental property covered in some sort of organic sphere that has been produced exclusively by the company. Most of the details in this Proprietary biosphere though are provided by the manufacturers themselves. In general, proprietary biospheres, along with QuSomes are new systems of delivery for certain beauty products, particularly anti-aging creams that can help address wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. Using a proprietary biosphere can lead to the creation of products that can reach the core of the skin deeper along with the added benefits of other active ingredients.

How Does Proprietary Biosphere

The idea behind the proprietary biosphere is based on ingredient layering. A proprietary biosphere can be looked at as water balloons or spheres that are microscopic. These bubbles contain ingredients that are activated related to the anti-wrinkle components of the cream. These ingredients can be found within the bubbles or the spheres of the proprietary biosphere. As the product is applied to the skin, these spheres are then absorbed much better and as each of the spheres come into contact with the skin, it can penetrate the skin much more effectively and deeply.

Through the said mechanism, proprietary biospheres should, in theory, be able to deliver the components of the product in increased levels of concentrations which can be labeled as one of the most ideal ways of having the products applied on their skin. 

The Possible Benefits of Proprietary Biosphere

Based on the information provided by the manufacturers themselves, proprietary biospheres can have some clear advantages over the regular anti-aging creams in the market today. The first one is that based on how proprietary biospheres are designed, they claim to be able to better penetrate the skin layers and have more potent anti-aging effects. While these bubble-like or spherical designs claim to provide deeper skin layer penetration, further studies are needed to establish their actual scientific effects.  In fact, there is still no clear evidence that using the Proprietary Biosphere can actually lead to better effects in terms of anti-aging. 

The second claimed benefit or advantage of the proprietary biosphere is that it can hold the active ingredients of the product in higher amounts. Once aging, studies still need to be conducted to confirm this claim of the proprietary biosphere. In addition, research on the effects of the proprietary biosphere is still rather limited versus other anti-aging products for skincare which, in all honesty, can be a proposition that is risky.

Proprietary Biosphere and its effects on Anti-Aging

Developments and advances in technology for skin care and beauty products are being discovered at almost break-neck speeds and an example of this is the proprietary biosphere. While there are a number of creams that are high-quality and anti-wrinkle serums that are available in the market today, the addition of proprietary biosphere can make the effects of the anti-aging much more effective and more potent.  The sphere covering the active ingredients of these beauty products seems to be a viable way to increase the potency of the product. It must be noted though, that there is still no hard evidence on the effectiveness of the Proprietary Biosphere. In fact, there is nor hard evidence on the effectiveness of this added component at all.

A lot of other high-quality creams for anti-aging are present in the market that does not contain any of these Proprietary Biospheres but still contain ingredients that are proven to work against the signs and adverse effects of aging. Regardless, there are a number of beauty and skin products in the market right now which can provide the desired anti-aging effects we are looking for with or without the proprietary biosphere technology claimed by some manufacturers to be present in their patented products.

Products Tagged with Proprietary Biosphere from the Amazon Website

For those who are still searching for the right kind of anti-aging skin product which contains a proprietary biosphere, then a quick search on the Amazon website can provide some products that may be considered. Below are some of them

1. Matrixyl 3000 Argireline Peptide

This product promises to provide individuals with skin that is youthful and firm, along with some smoothness and tightness to go boot through its Argireline content, a substance that is described as being similar to botox – the natural way. It claims to also be able to decrease or reduce sunspots on the skin with its increased vitamin C content. In addition, this product does not contain any sulfates, parabens, fragrances, and oils. This product is available from the Amazon website for $35.90.

2. Face Serum Argireline Peptide and Gold Anti-Aging Serum for Face and Neck

This one is a luxurious treat for the skin as it contains real gold powder and has potent effects that are anti-aging. This serum also contains UV blocking effects and antioxidant properties. The Argireline peptide in this product is also used in the reduction of wrinkles along with the prevention of new wrinkle formation. Discoloration may also be addressed by this product leading to skin that is plumper and more vibrant. To top this all off, this product is also risk-free as it has a money-back guarantee program which means those who are unsatisfied with the effects of the product can get a full refund. This product is available for $13.99 via the Amazon website at

3. DNA-Code No Needle Alternative Argireline Neuropeptides Wrinkle Reduce Cream with Matrixyl 3000

This product has proven before and after studies that really showed the Cream’s effectiveness. In addition, it also contains the product Argireline which can be likened to botox that is natural. It also contains copper peptides which can provide antioxidant properties and collagen development and are utilized by the body for regeneration and healing of the skin to take out collagen that has already been damaged. This product is available for $43.95.

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