Olay Retinol Face Serum

Olay retinol is a face serum that’s bundled with a travel-size moisturizer. It includes retinol (Vitamin A), which is a powerful vitamin/antioxidant that can provide various health benefits like fast absorption and light texture.

Olay Retinol Face Serum Products

Olay Retinol is a face serum formulated to provide 24-hour re-energizing benefits. This product contains retinol (Vitamin A), Vitamin B3, and other ingredients. Night creams are essential to help boost skin health as you’re sleeping.

Is it safe to use?

This product includes various skin-friendly ingredients like Vitamin B3 and Retinol (Vitamin A). These are both powerful vitamins/antioxidants that can help to improve your skin’s health.  

When adding day or night creams to your skin, it’s important to make sure you’re adding skin-friendly ingredients. That will help to provide the best results at night when your skin recovers from the previous day.


A. What time of day should it be used?

It is best used during the night before going to bed. 

B. How long does it take to take into effect?

This product claims to improve skin health overnight. The product can also reportedly provide various other benefits. They include results in terms of pores, dark spots, fine lines, and so on.

The product can help rejuvenate the skin immediately. That’s because it’s applied directly to the skin. It offers fast benefits over other skin treatments like tablets/capsules, or even food. They can work but have to be absorbed by the bloodstream before you can experience the benefits.

C. How many times can you use it in a day?

Use it once a day at nighttime to help re-energize your skin at night. Simply apply the serum to your skin at night. 

What are the side effects, if any?

It’s possible to experience various side-effects like skin irritation and rashes. It’s possible to experience skin irritation from the Retinol, for example. You should try out the product for a while and see if you have any side-effects like skin irritation.

Olay has been on the market for 60+ years. As a result, the company is well-established for its high-quality products. It’s still important to check the ingredients label. That will help to determine whether or not you’d likely experience skin irritation.

What are the benefits?

1. Retinol

Studies show that retinol can provide several skin-friendly benefits, including anti-aging properties. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that can help to fight off free radical molecules.

2. Vitamin B3

This vitamin is known to provide some key benefits. Vitamin B3 can help to absorb water and produce keratin proteins. Keratin is one of the main proteins in the skin, along with collagen and elastin. It’s especially useful for making fingernails/toenails hard.

3. Face Serum

This product is designed for the face. So it’s helpful if you’re looking for a night cream for the face. There are several on the market but Olay is one of the best options mostly because the product is high-quality. To maintain healthy skin, make sure your body’s and face’s skin are both healthy.

4. Travel-size Moisturizer

This product is bundled with a small moisturizer. It adds value to the product and helps to justify the higher price tag. You can then use the moisturizer during the day and the night cream at bedtime. It helps to provide the best skincare treatment 24/7.

5. Skin Benefits

You can get several benefits from this product including smoothness, brightness, and firming. It can also help to deal with issues like dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. These are all key factors related to good skin health. It’s important to provide your skin with nutrients like Vitamin A and B3. These are critical nutrients for maintaining healthy skin.

6. Hydration

The makers claim this product can hydrate skin for 24 hours. It provides a full day of added moisture, which is important for healthy skin. It’s especially important for aging skin. In that situation, it’s tougher for people to absorb moisture. So it’s more common for skin to become dry, irritated, etc.

7. Lightweight formula

It can help you feel more comfortable as you sleep.

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

This product is in the under-$50 price range. It’s quite high for an OTC retinol product. However, this is a high-quality product. Besides that, it’s also bundled with a travel size moisturizer.

Olay is known as one of the top brands of skincare products on the market. So in terms of quality, the price might be worthwhile due to the high-quality product you’re getting. The old saying “you get what you pay for” generally applies, including skincare products.

Company Information

  • Company Address: One Procter & Gamble Plaza Cincinnati, OH 45201
  • Phone Number: (513) 983-1100
  • Website: https://olay.com

Customer Reviews

A. 5 positive reviews

  • Face serum
  • Travel face moisturizer
  • Well-established company
  • Amazon’s Choice product
  • Light formula

B. 5 negative reviews

  • High price tag
  • Might not deliver on all claims
  • Might not be effective
  • Not organic product
  • Shipping/Packaging

Where to buy

Olay was founded in 1952, it’s been on the market for nearly 70 years. That is a plus over other products that are startups, for example. You can find Olay retinol at many stores, including supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty supply stores. Make sure to contact a store first to find out whether or not they carry Olay products.

You can also shop online for more convenience. That includes Olay’s homepage and online retailers like Amazon. That is a good option if you want to shop from home, work, school, etc. You can shop using your PC/Mac or mobile device. That makes it more convenient, so all you need is you’re a device and mobile device.  

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