Olay Regenerist Ingredients: A Complete List

Olay Regenerist is Olay’s collection focused on Advanced Anti-Aging for the skin. Olay Regenerist ingredients are beneficial in fighting off the effects of the aging process such as amino-peptides.

Olay Regenerist Ingredients

Olay Regenerist: An Overview

The marketing materials of Olay claim that their lotion branded by the company as Regenerist can provide people with skin that is younger-looking without taking any measures that are drastic. Olay’s formula is a combo of sunscreen and moisturizer for the skin. Moisturizers can indeed lead to younger-looking skin by having the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines minimized. Medical experts advise the use of sunscreen on a daily basis to aid in the prevention of damage to the skin caused by the harmful UltraViolet (UV) rays of the sun which can aid in the reduction of skin cancer risk.

Olay Regenerist: What is the brand all about?

Olay Regenerist is Olay’s collection focused on Advanced Anti-Aging for the skin. The formulas being used by the Regenerist are supercharged to help the skin look younger and glowing. Some of the ingredients that are beneficial in fighting off the effects of the aging process such as amino-peptides. These ingredients can help in the regeneration of the skin’s surface and are engineered to provide transformative and visible results for skin that is younger-looking.

The product known as Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Hydrates to give the skin an improved look in terms of the skin that is firm and elastic. The said product is charged with amino-peptide complex II that can help the skin become plumper. This moisturizing cream can also help the skin look much smoother and help wrinkles and fine lines become corrected and addressed. The manufacturer claims that in just over a month, the product can also lead to the reduction of wrinkles and can make individuals look younger by as much as ten (10) years.

The Science, Regimen, and Results behind this Brand

The manufacturer has analyzed genomic samples amounting to 70,000 for almost twenty years and noted that around ten percent of individuals (females) naturally had years taken off their skin. Because of this observation, Olay had its products re-engineered to ensure that the same effect can be duplicated in all of its products. The said effects include having skin age taken off and promoting transformative and visible results to ensure that each individual has the opportunity to look ageless. 

The results of the Regenerist line are pretty impressive with around 93 percent of women can have skin that is firmer after using the aforementioned product line for after half a month. In fact, the manufacturer (Olay) claims that results will be visible after the first day of use. The Regenerist brand has a formula that can fight off the aging process through the delivery of ingredients that is moisturizing very deeply into the surface of the skin to help in the visible reduction of wrinkle appearance fast.

The moisturizing cream used in this Regenerist line is classified as micro-sculpting and can be utilized as a part of the final step of a person’s skincare regimen. It has a formula that is luxurious and can instantly have the skin feeling moisturized for longer periods of time. As such, it is best that Olay Regenerist products such as treatments, concentrates,  and cleansers. The product can be used before putting on makeup in the morning and in the evenings.

Olay Regenerist Ingredients

The Specific Ingredients found in Olay Regenerist

Below are some of the key ingredients of Olay Regenerist Lotion:

  1. Octisalate- This is the first ingredient on top of the list of the packaging of this product from Olay and it is a form of protector that can help the skin in terms of UV ray absorption. There is data that shows that this particular ingredient has the ability to absorb all the different ranges of the UVB rays coming from the sun which means that in terms of sunburns, Octisalate can be quite beneficial.
  2. Avobenzone- This ingredient found in the Olay Regenerist brand is the one that does the work in terms of ensuring that the skin is protected from UVA rays of the sun. This is crucial as UVA rays are believed to be the culprit behind the development of certain skin cancers.
  3. Octocrylene This Olay Regenerist ingredient is another substance that can protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. The major advantage of this ingredient, though, is that it can protect the skin from both UVB rays and UVA rays. 
  4. Ensulizole-  Ensulizole is one of the final entries in the list of ingredients for Olay Regenerist and is also another form of protection from the UV rays of the sun. Experts believe that this specific ingredient mainly absorbs radiation classified as UVB but it can also protect the skin in terms of UVA rays that are short. 
  5. Vitamins- Among Olay Regnerist’s other ingredients, vitamins are listed as one of the most important components. The list contains a combination of ascorbic acid and vitamin B3. This brand also contains panthenol which is a combination of Vitamin E, Tocopheryl  Acetate, and Vitamin B-5.
  6. Amino-peptide- Olay claims that the amino-peptide present in its Regenerist line of products is the main factor why skin can have visible regeneration. This amino-peptide has been observed to reverse the adverse effects brought about by the aging process by penetrating deep into the layers of skin to aid in the promotion of the regeneration of tissue. Further studies are needed though, to scientifically prove the effects of amino-peptides.
  7. Other Ingredients- This product from Olay also contains other components which include dimethicone, glycerin, and water which can all lend the product its signature texture and feel. It also has added fragrance to ensure that a particular scent is associated with the said lotion. This product also has green tea or camellia Sinesis leaf extract for its properties that are considered antioxidants.

Bottom Line

While all of these ingredients of Olay Regenerist and the claims of the manufacturer all seem positive and very beneficial to skin health, it is still best that individuals consult with their doctor or skin professional to receive appropriate recommendations on their specific skin condition. This is because each skin is unique and will require its own skincare routine.

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