All About New York Foundation for Senior Citizens

The New York foundation for senior citizens includes different programs like the Home Sharing Program. It started with a few people and now has 1500+ employees in NYC.

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How much do you know about the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens (NYFSC)? The goal of this organization is to improve the lives of senior citizens and help them avoid early institutionalization. Fun Fact: it’s projected 20% of New York City’s population will be seniors by 2030. NYC has been operating for 50+ years in NYC as a non-profit organization serving the city’s seniors. Every year thousands of the city’s seniors benefit from the social services of the organization. This is especially important as the senior population continues to grow. The need for providing support for the city’s retirees has become more critical due to factors like a spike in retiring baby boomers.  

One of the most popular programs is the Home Sharing Program. This matches up with one senior and one non-senior. This program offers various benefits including affordable housing and friendship. Funding is provided through various NYC sources, which helps to keep the program going. It’s one of NYC’s several programs. It can sometimes be difficult to find affordable housing in NYC since it’s the largest city in the USA. However, the Home Sharing Program helps to deal with that situation in an effective way by sharing costs and promoting companionship.

The Big Apple’s Aging Population

It’s important to understand the context in which NYFSC operates. One of the biggest issues is that New York City is the USA’s most city. The population is 8.3+ million. The Big Apple is also one of the most expensive cities in the world.

NYC’s cost of living is 120% higher than the USA’s average. For example, the average cost of a home in NYC is about $500,000. This figure is sky-high compared to the average price of about $181,000 throughout the USA.

Manhattan houses are the most expensive with many of them costing over $1 million. However, it’s not just the houses that cost more. Other stuff like public transportation and groceries are also higher.

The good news is the unemployment rate is a little lower than the national average. It’s not a huge difference but it’s one factor that encourages many people to move to NYC in search of a new job and new life.

Other expensive US cities include:

  • Boston
  • Honolulu
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Washington, D.C.

The number of NYC’s senior citizens also continues to sky-rocket. For example, 1 in 5 will be seniors by 2030, which is only a decade away. This shows that the city continues to become “older.” There are various reasons for this fact.

One of the main ones is the retirement of baby boomers. This refers to the spike in births following the end of World War II. This process has already started although it will continue during the next decade.

One caveat to consider is the poverty rates among NYC seniors are also increasing. This helps to explain the need for programs like NYFSC’s Home Sharing Program. Many seniors not only are on a fixed income but are required to take sideline jobs to help cover their living expenses.

New York Foundation for Senior Citizens

NYC has existed for over half a century and was founded in 1968. It’s the city’s only non-profit organization that serves senior citizens in each of the city’s 5 boroughs. This is an important organization because it provides several key social services that benefit seniors living in the Big Apple.   

The main goal of this organization is to help NYC’s seniors live a better life. That’s in terms of issues like health and at home. The goal is to help prevent the need for them to enter institutions earlier than necessary.

NYC was founded in 1968 and continues to grow half a century later. It started with one bookkeeper and social worker yet today has 1500+ employees. The organization manages 35 different social service programs. And 900+ housing units.

This organization receives support from different organizations on the city, state, and federal levels. The goal is to provide the best services possible for the Big Apple’s senior citizens. Every year tens of thousands of NYC’s elderly benefit from the various social services offered by NYFSC.

The organization is constantly taking new approaches to serving the senior population better. It’s received recognition from various social service groups throughout the world.

The USA’s life expectancy for seniors continues to increase, which is a good sign. NYC continues its dedication to serving the elderly so they can live a better life.

Two of the organization’s bigger programs are to provide affordable housing and home sharing for seniors. The Home Sharing Program includes a host and “guests.” One of those batchmates is required to be 60+ years old. Meanwhile, the hosts include people who are 55+ years old.

All hosts and guests are screened completely before they can participate in the program. This involves the program’s QUICK-MATCH database. This helps to match up people based on 30+ lifestyle objectives.

Key Features of Senior Housing

Safe neighborhood

This is always an important issue so seniors can have peace of mind. It’s important to consider the security of the home itself. However, you should also take up how safe a particular neighborhood is. This is also critical since you’ll want to be as safe as possible whether you’re at home or out and about.

Home/Yard maintenance

It can be tougher for senior citizens to maintain their homes due to health conditions and other factors. It’s still a plus if you’re able to do some light housework/yardwork in and around your home.

Make sure that the maintenance requirements aren’t sky-high since this could be tiring and even a health hazard for seniors. A retirement community is one good option since it will have the staff to handle much of the maintenance work in the homes/yards.

Public transportation

Not all seniors can drive due to various health issues. In that case, it’s important to have access to good public transportation. This is especially true in a large city like NYC, which can be quite tough to drive around. It’s important to pick a home that has easy access to public transportation like buses, subways, and trains.

Modifiable home

It’s fair to say that seniors will generally need fewer home modifications than younger age groups. However, it’s still good to have this flexibility. For example, you might want to make tweaks based on various factors like accessibility. In that case, you’ll generally want to avoid needing to move to find a more flexible home.

Nearly friends and family

We need to have close connections with friends, family, and neighbors as we age. It’s easier to connect with neighbors since they’re—well, neighbors. However, it can sometimes be tougher to live close to friends and family. It’s an important factor to consider when the elderly look for new homes including the new york foundation for senior citizens.

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