Neutrogena Wrinkle Cream: Rapid Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer

Neutrogena Wrinkle Cream contains powerful antioxidants, including Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that helps slow down skin aging.

Neutrogena Wrinkle Cream

Neutrogena Wrinkle Cream is a fast-acting anti-wrinkle night cream. It is designed to absorb into the skin quickly and treat fine lines and wrinkles. This product contains powerful antioxidants like retinol (Vitamin A) and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).



It is the first ingredient in wrinkle cream, and it helps to hydrate the skin. This is especially important as people age since it’s tougher to absorb moisture.

Retinol (Vitamin A)

This ingredient has been trending in recent years. Retinol is the OTC version, and retinoids are prescription-strength versions. Studies show this ingredient can provide various benefits like dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A is one of the top skin-friendly vitamins/antioxidants.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Another vitamin for skin health, Vitamin C is effective for fighting off free radical molecules. They attack healthy cells and can cause various issues like dry, rough, and loose skin. These issues can speed up skin aging, which you’ll want to avoid.


What time of day should you use it?

This cream should apply at nighttime. As you sleep, the moisturizer will help to rehydrate the skin. It can help with issues like fine lines and wrinkles. 

For faster results, apply the cream every night and make it part of your bedtime ritual. 

How long does it take to kick in?

Use as directed to get the best result. You may see noticeable results as early as one week, while in some, the effects might take longer. 

What are the side effects, if any?

There are some possible side-effects from ingredients like alcohol. These sometimes trigger side-effects. 

If you have skin irritation, discontinue use, and contact your doctor right away. This can prevent the situation from getting worse. It’s better to be on the safe side in case you have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

What are the benefits?


This product contains powerful antioxidants, including Vitamin A (retinol) and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Studies show these antioxidants are effective at fighting off free radical molecules. That can help to slow down skin aging and make your skin soft, smooth, and younger-looking.


Wrinkles are one of the most common skin problems. Fine lines can start forming on as early as 25-years-old. It’s important to treat wrinkles ASAP to help prevent them from becoming deep wrinkles.


This product is designed to absorb into the skin quickly. This can provide faster results. It’s also formulated to start providing visible results within a week. The process might take longer in some cases. However, Neutrogena skin cream can often work within one week.

Night Cream

These products are designed mostly to rejuvenate the skin as people sleep. This is important and is a different approach today creams, which are mostly used to protect skin from UV rays and other environmental factors.


This product is designed to provide anti-aging benefits including softer/smoother skin. These are some of the most important features people look for when picking skin creams.

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

Neutrogena is in the under-$45 price range. It’s somewhat expensive for a night cream. However, it’s worth noting that Neutrogena is a well-established skincare manufacturer. You’ll be getting excellent quality versus other products made by newer companies. This product is designed to treat fine lines and wrinkles quickly. The price tag might be worthwhile in terms of quality.

Company Information

Company Address, Phone Number, and website

  • Phone Number: 1-888-984-2464 Monday to Friday (9 AM – 5:30 PM EST)
  • Website:
  • Headquarters: 5760 W 96th St Los Angeles, CA Cosmetics & Fragrance 

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

  • Can treat wrinkles quickly
  • High amount of retinol
  • Quickly absorbs into skin
  • Hydrates/re-energizes skin
  • Produces results within a week

5 negative reviews

  • High price tag
  • Might not work for some people.
  • Might not treat fine lines/wrinkles
  • Not a day cream
  • Better products are on the market

Where to buy

Neutrogena was founded 90 years ago in 1930. It’s one of the best-known skin care products on the market. You can find it at many supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty supply stores. It’s highly likely you can find it at large chains of drugstores and beauty supply stores.

You can also find Neutrogena products online. That includes the company’s homepage and online retailers like Amazon. This adds more convenience since you won’t have to travel to a brick & mortar location, which can take a lot of time and effort. It’s much easier to shop from home, work, etc. using your device and web connection.

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