How to Improve Metabolic Health

Metabolic refers to the process of breaking down the food we eat and convert to energy that we need to do work.

Metabolic Health

Don’t you know how complex our body is? From digesting food to how our metabolism help to digest our intakes? To understand our body we need to know how its process, like how metabolic health is very important to our body to keep moving.

Some of us just take for granted how important metabolic process in our body little did they know is if the metabolic process will malfunction everything will be messed up.

But did you know how our metabolic system really works? And what is the real function of it in our body?

So what is metabolic health?

Metabolic refers to the whole range of biochemical process that occurs within our body, it is also a set of life-sustaining chemical transformation of the cells of a living organism, metabolic usually refer the process to the process of breaking down the food we eat and convert to energy that we need to do work.

If your metabolic system did not function very well it will affect almost everything in our body especially in digesting food. Finding a diet that will suit our metabolic system is difficult because every person is different our metabolism work differently.

Nutrients are the key to good metabolic process and nutrients encompass bodily requirements for the various substances individual function of the body.

That’s why it is very important to keep our metabolic process healthy, but what we can do to keep it healthy?

10 ways to improve our metabolic health

Test your RMR (Resting metabolic rate)

If we want to improve our health we need to know our condition first before we will sick improvement if we don’t know where to start we can’t start it right the same as in developing our metabolic health. RMR test will give you the necessary information that you need to understand how your body works and what you can do to improve your metabolism.

Eat at the right time

Skipping meals especially breakfast is a big no because of breakfast will improve your metabolism in the morning and will keep you energetic for the whole day, cutting too much food will convince your body that you are running out of food, and you tend to eat a lot more than your normal food intake.

Build muscle mass

When you build muscle mass you are also developing a healthy metabolism because it will boost your RMR. The more muscle you develop in your body the more your metabolism will speed up.

Drink green tea as a habit

Green tea can help to boost your metabolic health; green tea will give you energy for the whole day and it’s good to make it a habit.

Eat some fish

Fish a great source of protein that our body really needs, fish will provide omega3 fatty acid which is good in telling our brain that we are full and not hungry anymore which is a big help to lower our calorie intake and you cannot gain unnecessary weight.

Drink more water

Water is very essential to our body because constant drinking of water will help your body to detoxify; it will wash out dirt and other chemicals from your body. Drinking at least 48 ounces of water will help your RMR rise and drinking a lot of water will help your body to lose weight.

Have a good sleep

Good sleep is a must to maintain good health and balancing your mood that because bad mood can lead to stress eating, having a full sleep have a good influence in improving your metabolic health but if your body deprives of good sleep your whole metabolic system will be thrown the balance.

Having a not so good metabolic system can cause different health problems and they are the following.

  • Constipation, if our metabolism is slow, our digestive system also works slow and can cause constipation.
  • Obesity, due to abnormal breakdown of food people who eat too much will be obese.
  • Developing diabetes, if a person’s metabolic system is not healthy he is at risk of developing diabetes.
  • Heart disease, sound impossible? No, it’s really possible for developing heart disease if you have a poor metabolic system.
  • Having metabolic syndrome can cause high blood pressure due to an abnormal bowel movement.
  • Stroke as a complication of metabolic poor function, a person who is suffering from a poor metabolic system is at high risk of stroke.

Facts about metabolic system

  • Your thyroid gland controls your metabolic process The butterfly shape gland known as thyroid gland determine your body rate of your body able to break down food.
  • Obesity can be the cause of inactive thyroid (slow basal metabolic rate)
  • Size and weight determine the metabolic needs, the smaller and thinner you are the more metabolism active is.
  • Exercise is a booster of metabolism generally exercising is good for our health, exercise can speed up our metabolism because it will develop muscles in our body.
  • Men metabolism is more active than women
  • Age is a factor of slowing metabolic process in our body, the more we age the more our metabolic process will get slow, that’s why it is very important to choose a right diet to maintain our metabolic process healthy.
  • Metabolism depends on your lifestyle, lifestyle is one of the trigger some of the different disease, eating processed food can cause metabolic disorder and other health problems.
  • Low calories diet is not good in our metabolism, unbalanced diet is not good for our body, everything should be balance especially in the food we eat.
  • A lot of muscle in the body will speed up your metabolism

To fix and maintain your metabolic health will not be done just overnight it’s a lifetime commitment and we should start sooner because getting older is more difficult to improve our metabolic health due to developing different disease due to aging.

Metabolic problem like slow metabolism can be genetic you can inherit it from your mother or father but it does mean you are stuck with eating you can do more and improve your metabolic health by following these healthy tips to improve your metabolic health:

Metabolic Health

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