How to Use a Cane

Through a crane, you can continue doing your daily routine.

How to Use a Cane

When you had a leg or knee injury, the doctor might recommend that you use a cane until the injury is fully healed. This walking aid can be helpful for you to move around although it is still better to take all the needed rest before you go back to your usual routine.

Since you are injured, the cane will get off your weight whenever you walk so it will be easier for you. It will also help you balance when you move. Through a crane, you can continue doing your daily routine. But, if you haven’t used a cane before, you should ask help or guidance from your family or friends.

To learn more about how to use a cane, read on.

Types of canes

Surprisingly, there are different types of canes that you can use. Each one made especially for different conditions. With this, it is best that you know the purpose of each walking aid to use the most recommended one for you.

Singe point canes

This type of cane has a single point of support. It is also the most commonly used walking aid.

Folding Canes

This cane is convenient to use and carry around as it can be folded. You can easily place it in your bag if you wish to. Also called as a collapsible cane, folding canes are adjustable to your height and are also the ideal cane if your injury is not that severe.

Multiple-point canes

It can be called as quad canes and tripod canes. It has a lot of points that are perfect for keeping your balance. This is the recommended cane for those with an extreme injury.

Seat canes

It is a walking cane that can be folded. It is usually used when you get tired of walking around, and you wish to sit down.

The prices for each can varies. There are even canes used for style only. If you wish to find a cane that can help you walk, expect that these are more expensive.

There are also different cane handles to choose from. You must be thinking, how is this even important? Choosing the right cane handle that gives you comfort is important.  Which is why you need to see the following handles:

  • Crook cane: It is a rounded-shaped handle that is very comfortable to use. You can also use the hook to place the cane in different areas. It can even be convenient when you are opening the door.
  • T-handle cane: It is a straight-handled cane which is suggested for those who have weak hands. It can also help in reducing hand fatigue and stress.
  • Fritz cane: It looks like a T-handle cane but with a different structure. It has a curve on its handle to remove the pressure and give comfort to your hand especially your fingers. It can be used for those who have arthritis. Also, it is the most popular among users.
  • Offset cane: It has a question mark structure with a small handle that you can use to hang your cane. It is also comfortable to use.

In addition, it is best that you check the height of your cane to avoid having arm pain, shoulder pain, or back pain. So it is best that you test the cane first before buying. Do not ask someone else to buy it for you.

When fitting, check if the height of the cane is just right for you. If it is too low, you might get a slump. But if it is too high, you will not get the needed support for your injury. Also, make sure that you consult with your doctor first before buying a cane.

How to stand using a cane

Now that you know the different types of canes, let’s move on for you to know how to use the cane. You can do the following:

  1. If you wish to stand, you need to be sure that the top of your cane reaches your waist.
  2. Make sure that your arms are slightly bent when you stand up and hold the cane.
  3. Then, use the hand that is opposite of your injured leg to hold the cane.

How to walk using a cane

When you have mastered the way to stand using the cane without asking for help from anybody, then you can try walking by yourself too. All you need to do is move the cane a bit away from you and take a small step. Remember to use your good leg first followed by the injured leg.

How to use the stairs while using the cane

If you are planning to use the stairs, place your cane in front of your good leg. Use your free hand to use the handrail. Then, step up using your good leg followed by the injured leg. In the event that you wish to go down the stairs, put the cane on the step, followed by your injured leg.

Using a cane should be simple but you must be careful especially if you just got out of the surgery. It may take time before you can use the cane on your own so be sure that you have someone to assist you. It can be a physician or a close family member.

Once you have mastered the right way of using the cane with your injured leg, you can use it to do your daily routine. Also, you can go to your doctor every now and then to see if the cane did help your injury. If the cane is not working, visit your doctor right away. You can also check if you bought the required cane for your injury.

Overall, canes are essential for those who just got into a leg injury. It is designed to help you walk around even with an injured leg. Take note: that you should the cane that is recommended for your condition. You can also choose a good handle to keep your hands comfortable at all times.

How to Use a Cane

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