8 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

The health benefits of apple cider vinegar simply can’t be put down. Though there may not be much in terms of clinical data on this, what has become prominent is the vast network of people that have been helped by it.

health benefits of apple cider vinegar

The health benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV) may not be obvious. What’s a dash of vinegar got to do with health? But a deeper look should be revealing – and to a large degree surprising. Definitely so when it comes to gut health. On the other hand, a lot of experts in the medical community sneer at the possibility. They believe that without ample study the vinegar is standing on anecdotal claims. The problem is so many people have attested to the healing prowess of the liquid. And thrived.

Yes, indeed, it’s really not in anyone’s best interest to dismiss the healing benefits from ACV. And even more awesome, these reports came not just today, but in the past years of long ago. You simply can’t discount them. Especially when it comes to the gut. Of course, if you’re suffering from any disease, you should investigate more. Take an expert opinion. But don’t be closedminded. Getting ACV into your system on a daily basis could be just the solution to get fit and fob in no time. Over the years, apple cider vinegar has helped boost the lives of many people health-wise. There are many other things ascribed to it but some of the most prominent are these 8:

1. Kills bad bacteria

Yes, you heard that right. It sounds ridiculous but the thing is it’s true for the most part. Right off the bat, know that this vinegar can be the death of bacteria. So much so that it has been extensively used to fight nail fungus. Even warts won’t stand it.

And if you’re battling lice in your head. This ACV is your number one ally. Just to note, the great Hippocrates known as the granddaddy of medicine, utilized vinegar to clean wounds. And he’s right even when he was walking the Earth two thousand years ago.

It’s also the reason why you could use ACV to preserve food. Bacteria, by the way, hastens decomposition.

2. Treats Bloating

Many of the benefits of ACV are tummy-related. Well, it’s but natural as this vinegar is food. One of the most important is the bloating. Some people may think bloating sounds like a balloon. And if you do, you’re spot on. It is when your stomach tends to balloon – thanks to the accumulation of gas in your system.

How does this happen? A technical term for bloating is abdominal distension. Your stomach is stretched. Usually, this is caused by constipation. When your body fails to move stool out, your body suffers for it, fermenting as a result. All that dirt will produce gaseous element – bloating your body in the process. This usually happens to people with sensitive stomachs and those under a lot of stress.

The good news is you can tap ACV in containing such a harmful process. And even for a host of other stomach issues. Many people who have suffered bloating in the past have credited the powerful vinegar in giving them a peaceful tummy.

3. Aids in weight loss

It’s easy to know if apple cider vinegar can make you lose weight. Yes, just take it on a daily basis. And you should be able to prove what others before you have proven. Recent research points out the same thing. A study posted in the Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry reveals that drinking water with ACV for a period of about 3 months can have lasting fat reduction results. We’re talking about slimmer waistline here guys. So drink up.

The fat loss has been attributed to the appetite-minimizing effect of ACV. By letting you feel you’re full, you tend to consume less. Further, this is reinforced by the compound’s ability to up proper management of energy giving you greater energy in store.

4. Promotes better nutrient absorption

Yes, indeed acetic acid is just getting warm. This is especially true when your stomach is digesting whole foods. This is the time you would definitely need a lift in breaking down food. Bulletproof Diet remember? And this is where ACV really shines – more than any competitive alternative today. You see, acetic acid boosts the body’s capacity to absorb key nutrients. The top example is calcium for instance.

To make the most of this apple vinegar, all you have to do is add the precious vinegar in your daily intake. Just get some splash into your cooking. Or you can make a more direct approach. Just get a straw and sip some down into your system.

5. Fights diabetes

Now you may turn your head. Diabetes, what? Yes, no kidding. And we’re talking about type-2 diabetes. This is because the vinegar is able to boost insulin insensitivity. Especially when you’re on a high-carb diet. This way you lower your blood sugar – your insulin response including.

6. Boosts heart health

Another amazing thing is how much apple cider can help you better manage your heart. One particularly striking research show that women who ate their salad dressings together with this vinegar had lessened risk of heart disease.

7. Tones skin

You may take it as not a health benefit. But getting a pretty face is also mood-enhancing so in that sense, it helps a lot. The thing is apple cider vinegar has a lot of beauty enhancement powers. Even replacing the pricier alternative. And that means you save a lot. Those much more expensive chemical-laden beauty products in the market today can be toxic to use in the long run.

All this have to do with the right pH. To note, a lot of products today, some hotsellers, have a pH range that’s higher than 4.5. But the thing is our skin is optimal only at the range of pH 4 to 4.5 – not any higher. ACV can be your best buddy in this regard. To use, just dilute some in water. Bear a 1:2 or 1:3 proportion for best results. Voila. You just made yourself a right-pH toner.

8. Anti-cancer

And we’ve saved the best for last. Who doesn’t fear cancer? Well, ACV should rest your fears. Initially. This is another promise that has yet to be studied in full. But it’s slowly gaining ground as studies with rats show cancer cells can indeed be contained. A good start when you think about the good things the health benefits of apple cider vinegar can give you.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

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