Health After 50: Health Tips for Men Over 50

Men 50+ years old should follow some health after 50 tips. This includes ones related to doctors/medicines, belly fat, and prostates. These are important issues that 50+ men should remember.

Health after 50

Are you a 50+-year-old man? The age of 50 years old is in the mushy middle between the start of middle age and senior years. There is various health after 50 issues you should be aware of for this age group. This will help you maintain good health and help deal with various issues like prescription meds, belly fat, and enlarged prostate. These are men’s health issues that are common for 50+-year-olds. It’s critical to know how you’re affected by these and other issues. It will help to keep you as healthy and happy as possible, which is always important.

The age of 50-years-old is a milestone for people. That’s because the person has already been in middle age for several years, which generally starts at 45 years old. However, they’re still quite a ways from the retirement age of 65. That said, it’s still the half-century age. Also, health experts explain that every decade or so people start experiencing big health changes in terms of issues like metabolism, heart, skin, etc. So it’s important to know what to expect at 50+ years old. You’ll also want to know some of the steps to take for maintaining good health.

Health Changes of 50-Year-Old Men

There are common health changes that 50-year-old men tend to experience:

Lower testosterone

Fun Fact: While testosterone is often known as a “male hormone” lower amounts are also found in women’s bodies. There’s some debate among experts about whether testosterone levels drop because the body produces less or due to obesity/illness, etc. However, there’s also less testosterone available because more is required for tissue damage/muscle repair.

The lower free testosterone means that it affects your libido (sex drive). The good news is you can take steps to boost testosterone levels. They include food and exercise. If you improve your fitness you have less muscle damage. That, in turn, provides more free testosterone.

Water shortage

As men near 50 years old, they also start losing lots of water. During younger years the human body is about 60% water. However, that figure drops about 5% after 50-years-old. This is a problem because the body needs water to function properly.

It’s tougher for the body to get rid of wastes/toxins because it contains less water. So it’s important during this time to boost your water intake. In general, you should try to drink 3+ liters of water daily. This is also about one liter more than the “8 glasses” health experts often recommend.

Muscle limits

As men become older and especially 50+ years old, less muscle movement is possible. One of the issues is men to do the heavy lifting. So over time, the muscle movements start taking their toll. More specifically the muscles become less stretchy at 50 years old, which causes them to become stiffer.

The muscles also start to shrink and become less toned over time. This can result in arthritis starting to take place. It’s important to keep doing activities you did in the past including workouts, yard work, and so on.

Health after 50

More Health After 50 Changes

Belly fat

This is one of the main problem areas that men experience in terms of weight gain. People often joke about the appearance of a “beer belly.” However, this colly is a sign of a condition known as “ascites,” which involves fluid buildup.

Prostate issues

Your risk of prostate issues is greater at 50+ years old versus previous decades. This includes conditions like enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. That’s why it’s critical to get tested for these conditions from time to time.

Many men make the mistake of avoiding prostate exams because it makes them embarrassed. It’s much worse not getting treatments for prostate cancer.

However, an enlarged prostate is more common in men 50+ years old. In most cases, this is a non-cancerous condition that just causes a little discomfort. However, it’s certainly something to get checked out. 60-years-old more than half of the men have this condition.

The key is whether or not this condition is affecting your everyday life. If it is then it’s important to get treatments ASAP. There are various ones available that your doctor can talk to you about. The key is to get periocheckups ups so you can get screened for these two prostate conditions.  

Mental decline

The good news is there’s less sign of these issues at 50 versus the next decades. However, you’ll still likely experience issues like memory loss, anxiety, and depression. The body slows down naturally as your body changes.

Men who are 50+ years old experience various changes in their body/brain. These are usually viewed to be negative ones. For example, it’s tough when you realize you have lower energy levels than you did in the teens and 20s.

However, the caveat is the body only slows down if you allow it to. So it’s important to stay physically active to boost your energy levels. You can also stay mentally active by doing crossword puzzles.

for 50+-Year-Old Men

Ditch junk food and cigarettes

Eating some comfort food once in a blue moon can help to maintain the joy of food. However, eating it daily might cause some serious health issues. This is especially true because factors like slower metabolism make it tougher to process fast/junk food.

In the case of smoking, you should consider quitting cold turkey. Unlike light alcohol drink, there’s simply no health benefit provided by smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or cigars. It can cause a world of health issues.

Exercise regularly

Make sure you’re getting in 1-hour workouts most days of the week. This can be cardio or weight-resistance workouts. On days you don’t have time for workouts make sure to get in 30 minutes of light exercise.

Get regular checkups

Are you get older it’s important to get regular checkups. That’s even true if you’re feeling healthy. The reason is that sometimes there are symptoms that are signs of something wrong. In other cases, there might be health conditions that aren’t producing any symptoms.

It’s better to be on the safe side. That involves different tests like blood pressure and blood work. This can help to detect various health conditions like type-2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and so on. Make sure to get a yearly checkup by your 50s.

Get advice before quitting meds

It can be easy to feel like certain medicines aren’t working or they’re too expensive to keep taking. It’s important to never stop taking medicine unless you’ve first consulted your doctor. In some cases, you’ll just need to tweak issues like how much you’re taking or when you’re taking the medicine.

The exception is if a prescription medicine is causing serious side-effects. However, in other cases, you should always talk to your doctor first. You should also inform him/her of any supplements/meds you’re taking before starting a new one. That can help to avoid “interactions” for good health after 50.

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