Hammer Strength Chest Press: How To Do It, Benefits, & What Makes It Different

The hammer strength chest press is an exercise that’s done on the Hammer Strength machine. It’s important to know how to do this exercise so you get the best results. Learn more here!

Hammer Strength Chest Press Exercise

If you are looking for a new chest exercise to start, then you should consider the hammer strength chest press. There are many options if you’re looking for weight-training exercises that target the chest muscles. They include bench press, dumbbell flys, and military press. These are all good options if you want to strengthen chest muscles and add lean muscle mass. You should also know more about the Hammer Strength machine. This gym equipment is less known than others although it’s one you should consider adding to your workout sessions. The key is to know what it’s all about, how to do a chest press using the machine, “and other factors. This will help you get the best results from the machine.

You also might be wondering why you should consider using this equipment from the get-go. There are several situations when it’s a wise choice. They include chest workout, injury recovery, and fatigued medicines. These are some of the main reasons why you should consider doing this exercise over others. There are lots of chest exercises to do so it’s critical to know when it’s more practical to do this or that one. That, in turn, will help to produce the best results during your gym workouts.

Hammer Strength Chest Press

It’s important to first know what this exercise is all about. Like other chest exercises, you’ll want to know what you can get out of it and why you should consider doing it from the get-go. That can help to determine whether you should use the Hammer Strength machine when doing chest workouts.

The name itself might cause some question marks. It involves strength but no hammers. The weight machine used is known as Hammer Strength. So this helps to explain how the exercise got its name.  


During this step, you start by adjusting the seat so the handles are resting under the shoulder level when you’re seated. If you want you can also change the pressure between the lower/upper chest regions. This is done by lifting the seat either higher/lower.


Using an underhand grip use your 2 palms to hold the handles. The palms should be facing downwards. The grip’s width should be so the wrist/elbow forms a straight line. Don’t bend the wrist yet make sure it stays straight.


Pull the blades back while pinching them together. Make sure to push them in the direction of the ground. The chest muscles will be puffing out and the shoulder will be safe.


While in the position that the shoulder blades are pulled back, stretch the arms by making them straight. The back should rest flat in the machine’s backrest.


In a controlled way gradually return to the starting position. Then repeat the exercise.

There are various situations when you should consider doing this exercise. It’s a good option if you have fatigued muscles. When that happens you should use the Hammer Strength machine and possibly this exercise.

Another good time is if you’ve experienced an injury. You can still use this strength machine to keep working the chest muscles. Besides that, it’s painlessly.

Hammer Strength Chest Press: Top Benefits

There are various muscles you can work by doing this exercise.  This exercise is different from the barbell bench press for various reasons. One is that it makes the chest muscles stronger. Another big benefit is it works the shoulder/triceps muscles.

The chest press on the hammer machine does a pressing movement to isolate chest muscles from other muscles. It also helps to develop them. That, in turn, can help to build muscle mass.

The movement pattern is fixed/constant. So it’s quite easy to isolate muscles. Another key benefit is you can engage triceps, biceps, and deltoids.

Another major benefit of this exercise is you can work your upper body in general. So if you’re doing an upper-body workout you should consider hammer strength chest press in your workout routine.

You might wonder when you should do this exercise. In general, you should do it towards the end of your chest workouts. You should also add it to your regimen following compound exercises. This will help to get the best results.

Here are some helpful tips to get the most from this exercise:

  • Squeeze handles tightly instead of using a thumbless grip
  • During the setting, forms stage keep your position of feet on the ground and avoid moving lower body
  • Keep some tension in some body parts like abs
  • If your shoulder joints feel pain in the front then pull in shoulder blades
  • Try adding this exercise at the end of your workout after doing barbell/dumbbell exercises.
  • Imagine you’re getting pushed away from weight instead of you doing the pushing
  • Use thumbless grip to keep tension through triceps/pecs versus squeezing bar tight
  • Pinch shoulder blades to keep your shoulders safe

Alternate Exercises to Try

Traditionally the Hammer Strength machine has been used for working certain muscles like pecs, triceps, rhomboids, and so on. That said, if you reach a plateau or you’re unable to keep doing the exercise there are some variations to consider doing.

  • Kettlebell Chest Press (w/ Super Band)
  • Cable Crossover (Traditional)
  • Dumbbell Chest Press (Single-arm)
  • Dumbbell Flat Bench Press
  • Seated Machine Chest Press
  • Traditional Supine Bench Press

These are a lot of alternatives to consider. The main issue is the Hammer Strength machine and chest press are still good options for targeting the chest muscles. Make sure that you use good form regardless of which exercises you do. You should also do the chest press towards the end of your workout to get the best results.

You can add this exercise to the end of your workout to work the chest muscles when you’re fatigued. This will help to produce the best results. If you’re fatigued/injured this exercise is a good one. You can also go with one of the above-mentioned ones to provide similar benefits.

Like other upper-body exercises, there are many to pick from. The key is to do the right exercise at the right time. This will help to maximize your workouts’ effectiveness. It’s important to first find the Hammer Strength machine in your local gym. If it doesn’t have one you can go with similar exercises like the alternates mentioned above.

The main goal is to maximize your workouts’ effectiveness. There are lots of chest workouts to work the different muscle groups. Selecting the right ones can help you get the best results through options like hammer strength chest press.

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