What Foods That Cause Aging of Skin?

When fats and proteins are combined with sugar, AGEs are developed. These culprits in the aging process are not something that we can manage and control 100% of the time.

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The role of food in health and wellness has pretty much been established. For people who want to maintain or enhance their health and for those who want to improve their quality of life, experts will normally suggest a balanced and healthy diet paired with some exercise and regular workouts. However, aside from good health, people can also enjoy the benefits of healthy eating through youthful and glowing skin. But what foods that cause aging of skin? What are some of these foods that can prompt our bodies to age faster than normal?

In this article, let us look at some of the food items to avoid to prevent skin aging and deterioration. Read on and learn more!

Food and Skin Health

Why are these foods contributing to the aging process?

Right off the bat, let it be known that this article is not supporting the complete avoidance of the food items on this list. Rather, it is showing a list of food items that may result in a speedier process of aging and that the intake of these food items should be reduced. This is because two (2) of the main reasons behind the aging of the skin are AGEs ( advanced glycation end-products)  and via exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.

When fats and proteins are combined with sugar, AGEs are developed. These culprits in the aging process are not something that we can manage and control 100% of the time but eating a mindful and healthy diet and applying the right amount of sunscreen for UV protection can definitely help.

Reminding yourself of what to and what not to eat can be tedious and challenging for some but with some planning, advanced preparations, and having a list handy of things you should reduce from your diet can all add to your advantages when dealing with the aging process.

People must keep in mind though that individuals are unique and while some people may benefit from eating food items that are raw, clean, and unprocessed, others may not. In addition, the consumption of such food items may not always guarantee that collagen damage and skin aging will no longer occur. It is focusing on a healthy and balanced diet that will ultimately help you in our goal of improved skin and overall health. 

Foods That Cause Aging And Their Alternatives

Listed below are some of the food items to reduce intake of and some of their alternatives or substitutes:

Instead of French Fries, go for  Sweet potato Fries

There is no doubt about it- french fries can be a great option for people to pig out on but the reality is that they can dramatically increase the production of AGE due to their salt and oil content. Those food items that are prepared using the process of frying can have free radicals released.

Once these free radicals are released on the skin, the process of aging gets accelerated tenfold due to a process known as cross-linking. DNA that is affected by cross-linking can have its elasticity weakened.

In addition, too much salt consumption can lead to the skin being drawn out of the water which can result in dehydration, making the skin more susceptible to the development of wrinkles. 

If you still want to enjoy your bucket of fries without worrying too much about salt, oil, and AGEs, go for sweet potato fries instead. These are copper-rich and can contribute to fighting off the symptoms of aging and can also aid in the increased production of collagen.

Instead of White Bread, go for Sprouted Bread

As mentioned earlier, AGEs are formed when protein is combined with carbs. These AGEs can lead to increased aging and the development of diseases classified as chronic. Those food items that score high on the GI index or the glycemic index can lead to the body experiencing chronic inflammation which has been linked to increased aging.

If you really enjoy eating your bread but are worried about the AGEs caused by white bread, then you may want to for grain bread that is sprouted and those that are sugar-free. This type of bread can also help improve skin health due to its antioxidant content.’ 

Instead of using white sugar, go for honey or fruit

Acne can also be the result of too much sugar consumption and as stated earlier, AGEs are also the byproducts of sugars combining with carbs and proteins. The process of AGE production is triggered or initialized once the level of sugars in the body are elevated and can even be much intense if you throw in some dangerous sunlight exposure. As such, it may be best to go for some fruits or some no-sugar-added treats when out swimming or hiking.

For those who still want to satisfy their sweet tooth, dark chocolates or fruits are available alternatives. Eating blueberries can also help the body in preventing collagen loss.

Instead of margarine, people can go for Avocados or Olive oil

There is evidence to suggest that people who eat or consume more butter and margarine have increased levels of wrinkles and skin damage compared to those who did not eat as much. Scientific studies also point to margarine’s negative effects on the skin compared to just plain old butter most probably because of margarine’s increased hydrogenated oil content. These unhealthy transfats can make our skin more prone to damage caused by radiation.

Instead of eating or using margarine, opt for avocados or olive oil which also have an added bonus of increased anti-oxidants.

Instead of meats that are processed, go for poultry

Sausages, hotdogs, bacon, and spam are all processed kinds of meats and they cause significant damage to the skin. These have increased sodium content along with sulfite and saturated fats which can lead to inflammation and collagen that is weakened.

For those meat lovers, they shift to chicken and turkey which can give amino acids and proteins.

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