Firming Face Cream: Do They Really Work?

There are many varieties of OTC firming face cream products claiming to help reduce aging signs. But do these creams work? Read on to find out.

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You cannot afford to believe all the claims on drugstore beauty products. If you do, you may assume that you can get soft skin, free of blemishes and cellulite just by slathering some overpriced lotions on your skin. But to tell you the plain truth, no product can give you back your youth. No such product exists, be it in a bottle, a tub, or a tube. But then, these proteins make several claims. Are these claims true? There are many varieties of OTC firming face cream products out there claiming to help reduce aging signs. But do these creams work?

That many firming products exist is not a question. But the question is whether or not these products actually work. Experts tell us that they are still reviewing the efficacy and science behind these products. But the general claims are that they would tone and tighten your skin, as well as reduce cellulite. They say these creams will also rid you of those unwanted stretch marks. These claims sound too great to be believed. And while they may not be entirely true, we cannot throw it all away. Some of these products do the work they claim to do. But then, they are usually just a temporary fix. We will talk about this in more detail in this article.

Does Firming Face Cream Work?

Experts from Mayo Clinic define cellulite as when dimpled skin appears on a person’s thighs, buttocks, hips, and abdomen. Most women have cellulite. Some men have it too. It happens when there is a deposit of uneven fat beneath the surface of the skin.

Cellulite is neither a serious nor a deadly medical condition. But then, some women experience embarrassment and serious insecurity. This is especially so during times that the weather is warmer because the layers will come off.

You may want to use firming serums and creams to help supplement your workout plans. These products will send those unwanted dimples away. We agree that some of these firming serums and creams do tighten and tone any problem areas. But experts say that you should never see them as permanent solutions.

Any serum or cream is only a temporary solution. But regardless, we know that they deliver results. If your skin is lifeless and dry, you can find help with a great moisturizer. Another helpful ingredient is Retin-A. It helps to remodel collagen beneath your skin surface.

There are many companies these days touting caffeine as a primo ingredient. But an expert says the most vital ingredient on labels is water. You would want to use a great moisturizer. While ‘Firming’ seems to be better for marketing strategy, a plumper skin will be more ‘firm’. Dry skin is anything but firm.

So then, if a product does not contain moisturizing ingredients, it may not work. But then, some people are just not amenable to using firming creams every day. Some also prefer something more permanent to solve the problem of cellulite and saggy thighs.

Experts say it’s better to visit the medical spa for and get a body toning/contouring treatment. The results from this form of treatment would be more permanent. They will use radiofrequency and ultrasound devices to help tone and tighten your skin. More so, they would give you quicker and longer-lasting results.

The bottom line is quite simple. Firming serums and creams will deliver results, no doubt. But these results are usually just temporary.

What Firming Ingredients You Should Look For?

Instead of looking for any firming cream to use, you should be looking for ingredients instead. The word, “firming” is not what will give results. The results of a product are dependent on the ingredients in it. So what ingredients can indeed make your skin firmer?

Any product that contains skin-restoring ingredients and antioxidants will make your skin firmer. These 2 kinds of ingredients would give your skin the much-needed defense against environmental attacks. They will also help renew your skin’s firmness.

Hyaluronic acid is an excellent antioxidant. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate is another antioxidant that you can get from green tea. But aside from these antioxidants, there are still lots of others that might help. They include niacinamide and retinol.

These ingredients are not only good for antioxidant and/or moisturizing effects. They can also improve almost all aspects of your skin’s health. Niacinamide and retinol, for instance, are superhero skin-transforming ingredients. They help with many skin concerns, including wrinkles, sagging, dryness, and loss of youthful suppleness. They are indeed incredibly beneficial.

Polymers are the latest technology. Experts say once you apply them to your skin, your skin would stretch in several directions. Over time, this will, in turn, tighten and firm your skin within 5 to 8 minutes. However, the effects may not last longer than five to 6 hours,

There is a downside to polymers, however. Their texture is usually sticky, especially when you are applying makeup.

If you want a firming lotion or cream that will give you lasting benefits, you need certain helpful ingredients. The most potent products contain retinol, peptides, and copper, as well as humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic.

The key to getting results from firming creams is consistency. You should not expect to see immediate results from the very first application. Just make sure to be diligent with using a formula that contains the helpful ingredients we have talked about. And make sure you continue using it daily. Over time, you will see improvements in your skin.

Remember that this is neither magic nor plastic surgery. You should, therefore, be realistic with your expectations. Expect moderate improvements to kick in overtime. If you apply a mask before using your firming cream, your results may be more immediate.

Final Words

Overall, a firming face cream will deliver results. But the best way to protect your skin against sagging is not any firming cream. Your best bets are broad-spectrum sunscreen (SPF-30, at least). Use them every day. You should even choose one with moisturizing ingredients. With this, your skin will be more firm, wrinkle-free, healthy, and youthful.

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