Why Do My Ears Hurt After Running?

Feeling pain when running or exercising, in general, is not common especially when the pain is not temporary.

Ears Hurt After Running

There can be instances wherein you will feel your ear hurt. It will happen at the most unexpected time. It can be after you jog or while you are resting. A lot of factors can cause this including having too much ear wax, air pressure, and even middle ear infection. But did you know that even when you are just running, your ear can hurt too? Unfortunately, that is true. But how? And what can you do about it? Continue reading to find out.

Ear pain when exercising

Feeling pain when running or exercising, in general, is not common especially when the pain is not temporary. These are the possible causes for this:

Blood vessel constriction

When you are running for a long distance, there is a tendency that your blood vessels are constricted. When this happens, you will feel a sharp pain in your ears. The pain increases when you are running or exercising in high altitudes or cold weather.

Ruptured eardrum

It is a condition wherein you have small tears or holes appear in your middle ear. Although this is not caused by exercising, the ruptured eardrum is due to air pressure changes, head trauma, or loud sounds. However, this condition can get worse when you exercise. This is because exercises add pressure to your ears and irritate your eardrum. In addition, you can also feel pain when seating leaks in your ears.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

It is a disorder in which the acid in your stomach goes back to your esophagus. It also gives you chest pain, sore throat, coughing, and ear pain. If the condition is not treated immediately, you can have ear infections that can lead to a lot of ear pain, even when you are just running.

Music earbuds

Earbuds are good companions when running. Nothing feels better than listening to your favorite music while taking a jog. But when the earbuds are inside your ears for a long time, it might give you pain. Also, small earbuds can irritate your skin. Meanwhile, big earbuds can add pressure to your ears. To avoid this, you can use earbuds that perfectly fit your ears. Even better, go for those with curved plastic.

You might also feel pain in other parts of your body when your ear is hurting. This is because your face and neck are interconnected so do not be surprised when your neck starts to hurt as well. Take note as well that sometimes ear pain can lead to a sore throat.

Other conditions like cavities, impacted molars, and tooth abscesses can be related to ear pain. If these are the main causes of your condition, then the doctor would have to check both your teeth and ear. Another possible condition is temporomandibular joint or also called TMJ. It is a jaw right below your teeth in which you will feel pain whenever you eat or it could lead to arthritis.

What you should feel aside from ear pain?

Of course, the first symptom that you will feel is basically ear pain. Other signs would be:

  • Bleeding in your ear canal
  • Pain in your jaw
  • A headache
  • Facial swelling
  • Changes in hearing
  • Loss of hearing

The good news is that these symptoms tend to be temporary only. But once these last for a couple more weeks, then do not hesitate to visit your doctor.

Treatment for ear pain

Ear pains should not be taken lightly. It can cause other conditions, even losing your sense of hearing entirely. Apart from going to the doctor for a check-up, you can do the following for your treatment:

  1. When you are in pain, you should immediately take painkillers. You can take anti-inflammatory medicines to ease the pain.
  2. Make sure that you get your ear checked. It is important that you know the main cause of your condition to get the proper treatment.
  3. If the result of your check-up is your exercise, then it is better that you take a break from your workouts for a couple of months. Wait until you are fully healed before you try doing your routines again. But once the ear pains go back after you try exercises, immediately go to your doctor.
  4. There can be instances when the cause of your ear pain are insects. When this happens, immediately get your ear treated.
  5. You can avoid places where there are loud music or noises.
  6. Make sure that your jogging routine is not in a high place. But if you still prefer to jog where there is a high altitude, then be sure that you wear earplugs to equalize the pressure.
  7. Treat all your ear infections to avoid getting ear pain while jogging.
  8. Find a cure for your allergies, especially those near your ear.
  9. Wear headphones while jogging

The treatment may tend to vary depending on the cause of your pain. So to be safe, always get the check-up first before getting any treatment. This will save time and provide you with the cure that you need.

Overall, ear pain can be a cause of various conditions. It can be a simple ruptured eardrum, blood vessel restriction, and GERD. Even using the wrong earbuds can cause you ear pain which is why it is crucial that you use the right size.

When you start feeling the symptoms, you can go to your doctor. Do not wait until the signs become too severe that other conditions will start to appear as well. There are lots of treatment that you can use. You can try getting medication to ease the pain, or you can ask the doctor to check all your symptoms to see other possible conditions.

Once the diagnostics are done, immediately seek help. Take note of all the prevention techniques to avoid having ear problems. You can also prevent this from happening by avoiding places with loud music, treating ear infections, and finding a cure for your allergies.

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