Best Protein Powders for Women

Protein Powder for Women

Protein powders, or more know as the protein shakes consumed by most bodybuilders, are weight loss agents that are from plants or animal products. Being derived from the said plants and animal products, they are made into powder to make it easier for consumption. Through this, they are not just famous to bodybuilders and gym-goers, but are also becoming a big hit to women.

What is Giant Cell Arteritis?

Old guy suffering from headache due to Giant cell arteritis

Giant Cell Arteritis, also known as temporal arteritis, is the inflammation of the lining of the arteries and large blood vessels of the scalp, neck and arms. It can affect your arteries in your head especially in temple area. Giant cells arthritis often cause headache, tenderness of scalp, vision problems and jaw pain. Giant cell arteritis can cause blindness if not treated.