Best Olay Face Moisturizers

The best Olay moisturizers include various face moisturizers. They include a wide range of types including day, night, anti-aging, and sunscreen moisturizers. These provide various skin benefits.

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Are you looking for the best Olay moisturizer? There are different categories including face moisturizers that are specially designed for the forehead, cheeks, etc. These products are important because facial skin is prone to dry skin, which makes it critical to keep it moisturized. When picking a product you have several options including day/night, sunscreen, and anti-aging products. These are some of the main types that provide different functions. For example, during the day the main goal is to protect the face from factors like UV rays, while at night it’s time for the skin to rejuvenate. These are two important yet different goals for moisturizers.

Olay has been on the market since the early 1950s and was originally known as “Oil of Olay” Since then the Procter & Gamble brand has become one of the most popular skincare brands on the market. It now offers a wide range of different creams, lotions, and serums including moisturizers. There are different ways to keep the skin moisturized. Besides just drinking more water, another good option is to add topical products directly to the skin. This can not only help to add moisture but also skin-friendly nutrients that can help to keep the skin healthy.

What Exactly Is a Moisturizer?

It might seem to be a hassle to add a skincare product to your skin early in the morning. It might just seem like another skincare product that makes your regimen tougher in the morning. In theory, it might seem to have the same effect as drinking a glass of water.

Moisturizing can provide a wide range of skin-friendly benefits. It doesn’t just feel good but can also help to make skin smooth, clear, and help prevent future fine lines/wrinkles. It’s important to know the main reasons why you should even consider adding Olay moisturizers to your skin from the get-go.

If you have skin blemishes then it’s a good idea to improve your skin’s overall appearance with moisturizers. This includes issues like fine lines, sun spots, and under-eye dark circles. Besides improving skin health you can also help to make such blemishes less visible.  

Another of the key benefits of moisturizing is it reduces your chance of future skin conditions. For example, it can help to deal with possible issues like skin that’s overly dry or oily.

The particular skin type of you should determine whether you pick a lotion or cream. For example, a lotion is a better option if you have oily skin, and cream would be better for dry skin.

Another reason to use moisturizer is it can help the skin to look and feel younger. This is in part through anti-aging moisturizers. Today many consumers are looking for skincare products that can help the body’s largest organ look and feel younger.

Fun Fact: Estimates show that humans have about 35 billion skin cells. It’s important to extend their lifespan in order to help skin appear younger.

Moisturizers can also help to deal with fine lines and wrinkles. These are some of the most common skin blemishes on the face. Also, experts explain that wrinkles are more common for people with dry skin.

Best Olay Moisturizers for Face

1. Regenerist Night Cream by Olay

As the name suggests this product is designed to regenerate skin cells at night. It’s offered in a 2-month supply, which provides enough cream for about 60 days. The product can also hydrate skin, which is important at night time when it tends to dry out.

This Olay product also provides other features. It’s fragrance-free, which is a plus since you won’t want to keep waking up due to the strong scent of fragrances. The night cream is also quick-absorbing so you can quickly get skincare benefits.  

2. Face moisturizer w/ Collagen Peptides by Olay

This product provides a 2-month supply of face moisturizer. It contains collagen peptides, which are based on the protein that makes up 80% of the skin. This face cream can provide several benefits including hydrating and firming skin. It also helps to hydrate so the skin looks and feels younger.

Besides collagen, there are other key ingredients including Vitamin B3. These ingredients team up to provide several benefits in one product.

3. All-Day Moisturizer by Olay

This is a complete lotion that’s designed for sensitive skin. So it’s a good option if you often have breakouts when applying skincare products to your skin. You’ll want to avoid breakouts since they can be a hassle to deal with.

This product also has SPF 15. It’s not sunscreen per se but it can help to provide extra protection from the sun’s UV rays. You should consider adding an SPF 30+ sunscreen as well.

4. Total Effects Face Moisturizer by Olay

This product includes Vitamin E, which is one of the most skin-friendly vitamins added to skincare products including moisturizers. This product offers 1.7 full ounces so it’s a long-lasting supply.

The product is also fragrance-free, which is a plus if you don’t like skincare products with strong scents. It can be a hassle for day/night use.

Best Olay Moisturizers

Key Features When Picking Moisturizers


You should also look for products that are ideal for your skin type, whether it’s dry, normal, oily, or a combination. This will help to provide the best results when you’re moisturizing your skin. Dry and oily skin are types that are important to consider when picking moisturizers.

Sensitive skin is another skin type that requires special moisturizers. Make sure to look for ones with gentle ingredients that won’t be likely to trigger skin breakouts and other issues.


It can be tough to sort through skincare products due to technical issues related to ingredients. However, there are some key ones to look for. They include antioxidants. These can come from different Vitamins like retinol (Vitamin A), citric acid (Vitamin C), and green tea. All of these are good options.

Then there are other ingredients with technical names. Make sure to research what they are and their benefits in skincare products.


When picking a moisturizing sunscreen you should consider the Sun Protection Factor (SPF). In general, it’s good to pick an SPF 30+ product to provide enough protection from UV rays. This is especially true for face creams since the face’s skin tends to be more sensitive.

However, you can also find non-sunscreen products with SPF 15, for example. This provides some extra UV protection but you should still add sunscreen if you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors hiking, picnicking, swimming, etc.


This is one of the main issues to take up when picking a moisturizer. For example, you can pick a cream, lotion, or ointment as some of the main forms. These issues are related to the amount of water and oil contained in the product.

They can also affect which one to pick based on your skin type. For example, ointments are good for dry skin, and lotions are good for oily skin when picking an olay moisturizer.

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