The 12 Best Men’s Night Face Moisturizers

The best men’s night face moisturizers include anti-aging creams that can moisturize your face while you sleep. There are different brands, ingredients, and functions. Learn more here!

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Are you looking for the best men’s night face moisturizers? Skin aging starts around 25 years old when fine lines start to form. It’s important to keep your skin moisturized during the day. There are various methods including drinking more water, while you can also add moisturizers to your skin in the morning and evening. You can get various benefits like exfoliating (removing dead skin cells) although the main benefit is hydration. This is important for men’s health although it’s especially critical for older men. That’s because it becomes more difficult for the skin to hold water, which can result in the skin becoming dry, rough, and wrinkled over time.

When adding a night moisturizer there are different issues to consider. They include your skin type, face/body application, and how to prepare the skin. These issues and others can help you pick the right moisturizer and get the best results when adding to your skin. There are different reasons for moisturizing skin in the morning and evening. Exfoliating is generally best for the day and hydration for the night. Skin tends to get drier at night due to factors like dry air and not drinking water. Moisturizers can help to keep skin hydrated.  

What’s the Reason to Add Night Moisturizers?

When picking a moisturizer there are different options to consider. They include whether or not you pick a face or body cream/lotion. It might seem like adding a moisturizer isn’t a major step of your bedtime ritual. However, there are various to consider adding a face moisturizer.

Certain face areas tend to dry out. So it’s important to keep them as hydrated as possible. Besides adding moisturizer it can also soothe the skin. Modern life causes the body’s largest skin to be exposed to lots of stuff that’s skin-unfriendly including ultraviolet (UV) rays in particular.

Other factors can increase the need for skin hydration. They include hot/dry weather, air pollution, bad diet, health conditions, and not drinking enough water. This can cause the skin to become dry and rough. You can start improving your skin’s health by adding a night moisturizer.

Besides the moisturizing itself it can also help to add collagen proteins. This makes up around 80% of skin so it’s critical for the skin to get enough collagen. Another factor is as we age the skin is less effective at producing collagen so it’s important to consider skin creams with the stuff.

Adding the night moisturizer can provide lots of benefits for the skin’s overall health. They include making the skin soft, smooth, and tight. Some moisturizers also have anti-aging features. While they can’t stop the aging process they can help to slow down skin aging and prevent premature wrinkles.

You also might wonder why you should use night moisturizers in particular. The reason is it’s believed the skin can take inactive ingredients better in the evening than in the daytime. Another big factor is the skin regenerates cells better at night while sleeping. You can renew face cells and help prevent tissue damage.

Best Men’s Night Face Moisturizers

Here are some of the best night face moisturizers for men:

  1. Night Face Cream Brickell Men’s
  2. Night Cream Face Moisturizer by Neutrogena
  3. Night Cream by Eve Hansen
  4. Anti-Aging Night Moisturizers by Neutrogena
  5. Night Cream by L’Oréal Paris
  6. Night Face Moisturizer by Pure Biology  
  7. Night Crème by Eucerin  
  8. Hydrating Night Cream by Cetaphil
  9. Face Moisturizer by Honeydew
  10. Hydration Night Cream by Burt’s Bees
  11. Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream by Nivea
  12. Night Cream for Face by CeraVe

There are various factors to consider when picking a moisturizer including:


This is based on various factors including ingredients, function, and brand. For example, simply picking a brand like L’Oréal will increase the price of the moisturizer. There are also other factors like exotic ingredients that can also increase the price. On one hand, healthy skin is priceless. However, most people are unable to shell out hundreds of dollars for skincare products.


These are two different kinds of products. Natural ingredients include those that exist in nature like aloe vera, shea butter, and olive oil. However, it’s different when the ingredients are organic and are grown without any synthetic chemicals in fertilizers, pesticides, etc. If you want true organic night moisturizers then make sure it’s certified organic so it meets industry standards.   


This is one of the main issues to consider when picking face moisturizers. There are lots of ingredients that can provide moisturizing effects including:

  • Water
  • Olive/Coconut Oil
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
  • Yogurt
  • Nut/Seed Oils
  • Shea Butter
  • Aloe Vera
  • Honey

These ingredients and others provide natural moisturizers.


Besides moisturizing, you can find creams/lotions that can provide other benefits like exfoliation (removing dead skin cells). Make sure to think about the goals you want to achieve with the moisturizer.

Tips for Using Face Moisturizers

1. Watch out for your peppers

Make sure you don’t apply moisturizer too close to your eyes. That’s because they’re delicate and are likely to experience stuff like wrinkling. If you’re going to moisturize your face use an eye cream since it’s designed specifically for those sensitive areas.

2. Keep your skin type in mind

Make sure to select a moisturizer that’s ideal for your skin type. That can include normal, dry, oily, etc. That can help you pick the best moisturizer for your particular needs. For example, if you have very dry skin you’ll want to make sure you’re adding moisturizers with ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter that can help to hydrate the skin well. Meanwhile, you’ll want the opposite results if you have oily skin.

3. Add body and face moisturizers

It’s a good idea to add moisturizers to both the face and body. Just like the face, the body’s skin is prone to dry out and especially in situations like dry air. You can find some moisturizers that can double as a face and body cream/lotion. These are good options if you want to get more value from skincare products.

4. Apply to clean surface

It’s important to keep your skin clean from dirt/oil so the moisturizer can be absorbed well. However, it’s important not to overdo it with bathing or exfoliation. In general, take a bath/shower once daily and exfoliate up to twice weekly. One of the main reasons is the more you wash/exfoliate the more natural oils you remove from the skin before adding the best men’s night face moisturizers.

 The 12 Best Men's Night Face Moisturizer

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