10 Best Cream For Dark Spots On Face

We all know how important it is to have good skin. But it’s not as easy as you may think. Some people even find it harder than others. And old age can make matters worse. As you grow older and your exposure to several environmental aggravators builds up, your skin may suffer some damage. Some

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We all know how important it is to have good skin. But it’s not as easy as you may think. Some people even find it harder than others. And old age can make matters worse. As you grow older and your exposure to several environmental aggravators builds up, your skin may suffer some damage. Some of these aggravators include pollution, stress, and the sun. So then, what are you supposed to do? Well, some helpful tips include drinking lots of water and eating foods packed with vitamins. You should also wear SPF always. But then, life can take its toll on you and your skin might begin to have issues. It may become quite dull and then dark spots may begin to appear. In this article, we will talk about the best cream for dark spots.

The truth is regardless of your very good skin, you might still have some stubborn dark spots that refuse to leave your face easily. These spots are nothing but build-ups of extra pigments. This build-up occurs as a result of excessive sunlight exposure, hormonal changes, or acne. But before you run to the dermatologist, you may want to try to add skincare products that have skin-brightening ingredients in their formula. These include vitamin c, alpha-hydroxy, licorice root, and niacinamide. The ingredients can help get rid of dark pigments. They will also restore the glow and evenness of your skin tone.

Best Cream for Dark Spots

1. C-E Ferulic SkinCeuticals

This is arguably the most effective and best available brightening serum available on the market. This product contains potent doses of antioxidant vitamin-C, as well as ferulic acid. These ingredients will lift your dark marks. They will also prevent new spots from forming.

2. Skin-Medica TNS, HA5 & Lytera

The three amazing benefits you can get from this product include hydration, brightening, and correction. Your skin will become brighter than what you could ever imagine. It costs some penny. However, the results will justify the price.

3. Good-Genes All-In-One Lactic-Acid Treatment

This contains lactic acid to exfoliate and slough off dead cells from your skin. As the dead skin wears away progressively, those dark spots you don’t want to see will disappear. This product will also fend fine lines off your skin.

4.  Dark-Spot Solution by Clearly Corrective

The amazing skin-brightening properties of vitamin-C combines with the amazing correcting effects of peony extract to deliver great results. More so, this is a lightweight product.

5. Vintner’s Daughter Botanical Serum

Fans say they are very passionate about this clean and natural botanical serum. This is because it’s effective for fading dark spots and acne scarring. It also plumps fine lines. But that’s not all. If you use this cream, it will boost the overall vitality of your skin. You may not understand the hype until you try it for yourself.

6. Verso Skincare Dark-Spot Fix

This contains just the right dose of retinol to help fix dark spot problems. Dermatologists love this silky cream. It helps to clear dark spots, as well as some other aging signs. There’s nothing you’re looking for in a dark spot cream that you can’t get from this product.

7. Marud’s Rapid AgeSpot

This is a pigment lightening product. It contains hydroquinone, as well as hexapeptide-2 to help brighten your skin. This product will give your dark spots double punches with its two amazing lightening ingredients. In addition to this, glycolic acid brings exfoliation properties in the mix. Your skin imperfection will blot out very quickly.

Other top-notch products for dark spots include:

  1. OleHenriksen PowerBright 3-Step Brightening System
  2. Paula’s Choice Triple-Action Resist Spot Eraser
  3. Shiseido White MicroTargeting DarkSpot Corrector
10 best creams for dark spots on face

Dermatologist’s Cure for Dark Spots

Dark spots would not likely hurt you. And they usually have a similar texture to other skin areas. Most time also, they have no health risks at all. So let’s be honest. Getting rid of dark spots is not a necessity. But you might want them off for cosmetic reasons.

We suggested earlier that you should make use of cosmetic creams for your dark spots. But if they prove too stubborn, you may need to visit the dermatologist. The doctor might give you prescription drugs to either diminish or remove your dark spots completely. They may also prescribe medical procedures or some home remedies.

1. Topical treatment options

These are prescription-grade bleaching creams that gradually diminish dark spots. This could take several months to happen. The ingredient responsible for this treatment is Hydroquinone. The wat it works is that it inhibits melanin production.

But you should only use this treatment type in the short term. This is because we can’t ascertain how safe it is. Some research studies indicate that long-term use of this treatment may increase cancer risks.

The FDA imposes strict limits on hydroquinone acid concentrations. The limits allowed for this ingredient in prescribed products is 3 to 4 percent. But for over-the-counter products, the limit is only 2 percent.

You can also treat your dark spots with many other non-prescription products. These products might diminish your spots. But they will not totally eliminate them. If you want a cream to treat your dark spots, look for those with retinoids, glycolic acid, alpha-hydroxy, kojic acid, and deoxyarbutin.

2. Cosmetic procedures

These include laser treatment, the use of chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Another good option is cryosurgery. All of these will fade your spots. But they come with certain risks too. So you should use them with caution

Final Word

It is good to pay your dermatologist an annual visit to checkup your skin. You may think that you have no skin oddities or that the ones there are harmless. Don’t be too comfortable with dark spots. Who knows? What you have may not be dark spots after all. Some color changes on the skin are cancer signs. And the only way to be sure is to get checked by an expert.

You need not worry about cancer, though, except there is bleeding, redness, and itching. The best cream for dark spots includes the ones we listed above. They should help eliminate your dark spots without the need for medical treatment.

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