Best Anti-Aging Doctors in NYC

When picking an anti-aging doctor one of the biggest issues to consider is the type of treatment you want. There are several to pick from including retinoids (Vitamin A), laser resurfacing and wrinkle injections.

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How can you find the best anti-aging doctors in NYC? The Big Apple is the USA’s largest populated city at 8.6 million people. You certainly won’t have any problems finding an anti-aging physician among the roughly 49,000 total specialists in New York’s largest city. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best you’ll have to narrow down your search. That’s due to the high number of doctors throughout the city. For example, there are various considerations including how you want to fight the signs of aging. You can pick from several types of anti-aging treatments that are mostly related to skincare and issues like dry, rough, and loose skin.

When picking an anti-aging doctor one of the biggest issues to consider is the type of treatment you want. There are several to pick from including retinoids (Vitamin A), laser resurfacing and wrinkle injections. In some cases, you might want to undergo a surgical procedure to deal with skin blemishes like age spots. However, in other situations, you might just want to boost your body with natural antioxidants like Vitamin A, C, and E. An anti-aging doctor can help to figure out which products/procedures are best for your needs.

What Exactly Is Anti-Aging Medicine?

The average global lifespan for both genders is 71 years old. However, this figure is over a decade older in Japan, Switzerland, and Singapore where the average life expectancy is 83 years. Today people around the world want to look and feel better.

You can find many over-the-counter (OTC) products at local supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty supply stores. These include creams, lotions, and serums that make claims like reversing the aging process.

Such products can help your skin look healthier by adding stuff like moisture, proteins, and vitamins. However, health experts explain that most OTC anti-aging products only provide cosmetic benefits. They don’t contain prescription-strength ingredients that can provide better results in terms of skin health.  

If you want to make more significant and long-term anti-aging benefits you should consider anti-aging medicine. The goal is to slow down the body’s aging it matches your chronological (birthdate) age or is even lower.

The big difference is this approach doesn’t just use cosmetic changes to help people look younger. It tries to boost the body’s ability to protect and repair itself. This, in turn, can help it to work better.

For example, powerful antioxidants can boost the body’s immune system. That can improve its ability to fight off free radical molecules. They attack healthy cells, which can result in signs of aging like saggy skin, gray hair, and brittle fingernails.

It might seem like you could just consume some citrus fruits or eat sweet potatoes. In fact, food is always the best source of nutrients. On the other hand, if you want stronger treatments then that’s what anti-aging medicine is all about.

The doctor might provide different treatments. They include antioxidant supplements, retinoid injections, or laser therapy. These options will provide greater results than some wrinkle cream with some water and collagen proteins.

Best Anti-Aging Doctors NYC


Several patients have reported that Dr. Paukman can help patients feel comfortable by explaining the real cause of their conditions. This is important because patients might be wondering what’s causing their skin conditions, for example.

The clinic offers several treatments like weight replacement therapy. This can help to deal with The World Health Organization reports that about 40% of the world’s adult population is now overweight/obese. Weight loss is one of the most effective ways to look/feel younger.  


The NYC location is a new one and adds to others including Connecticut. One of the main benefits of Dr. Schmidt is he’s a cosmetic surgeon. When you’re getting treatments like facial injections it’s important to go with a trained professional.

We Rejuvenate You offers several services including Botox, anti-aging serums, etc. You can get just about any anti-aging treatment from this clinic so it’s one you might want to consider.


This clinic was launched nearly a decade ago. Many patients have had a positive experience. They’ve praised the clinic for reasons like support and professionalism. For example, it can help with weight loss by providing customers with the right dietary supplements for appetite control.

The clinic has also received high marks for the value it provides. It not only produces results but has rates that are often multiple times cheaper than other anti-aging clinics offering the same services.


Some patients might prefer cosmetic procedures like laser resurfacing, while others want a holistic (whole-body) approach. The latter doesn’t involve any synthetic chemicals in prescription medicines, or any surgery that always involves some type of cutting.

However, this clinic does offer anti-aging laser surgery. You can get this surgery for different conditions in ingrown hairs. Many patients have taken to social media and shared that the procedure involves minimal pain.

Top Breakthroughs in the Anti-Aging Industry


The “free radical theory of aging” was introduced 60+ years ago in 1956. There’s some debate among scientists whether or not antioxidants can actually slow down the aging process. However, it’s not debated they can fight off free radicals, which can cause inflammation, illness, and disease.

There are several powerful antioxidants that exist naturally. They include Vitamins A, C, and E. Retinoids (Vitamin A) have been trending in recent years as a skin-friendly treatment. Antioxidants can be critical in fighting the signs of aging including skincare.


There have been some recent breakthroughs in UV protection. You should start with an SPF 30+ sunscreen. However, some new tech makes today’s sunscreen products more powerful. One breakthrough can boost the body’s protection from UVA rays. Many sunscreens also include antioxidants and other ingredients to boost ultraviolet protection.


Truth be told the anti-aging benefits you can get from OTC “wrinkle creams” are limited basically because it doesn’t have the strong chemicals needed to slow down the aging process. A better option is wrinkle injections.

Some new wrinkle injections can provide fillers caused by different factors that cause skin issues like rough/loose skin. The goal is to add volume to the face so the skin becomes smoother/fuller. It can help people look younger without requiring surgery.


The laser resurfacing therapy known as CO2 is considered one of the main breakthroughs in the anti-aging industry. This one combines standard CO2 lasers with a new technique to provide even better results.

One of the main benefits is that it doesn’t have the harsh side-effects that usually result from such treatments. The main goal of the treatment is to boost the body’s production of collagen proteins. This slows down due to factors like the normal aging process but you can reboot it with the best anti-aging doctors in NYC.

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