Anti-Aging Serum to Use on Different Skin Types

Are you on the lookout for products that will help conceal the telltale signs of aging? We have compiled a list of anti-aging serum and its skin specialties. Hope you find the right one for you.

Aging woman applying serum

In recent years, anti-aging serums have taken a powerful standpoint in the skincare market. In a bid to avoid the signs of aging from showing, a lot of people have gotten themselves one or more of these products which have been known to be effective. However finding the right serum may not be an easy task, as there are so many different brands about there, each laying claim to a particular benefit or another. There are some factors you need to consider before choosing any of these serums. One of the predominant factors is skin type. What is your skin type?

Skin differs in terms of texture and sensitivity. This should not be overlooked when buying skincare products as it goes a long way in how effective the product will be. Serums are a lightweight moisturizer that contains potent small ingredients. This is to ensure a deep penetration of the serum into your skin and direct delivery of the ingredients to the target. A good anti-aging serum will have different types of vitamins, retinol, extracts, or peptides. All these are designed to defeat aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines, discoloration, sagginess, and others. 

The Best Anti Aging Serum for Different Skin Types.

These are some of the anti-aging serum that you can use for a different type of skin. Yes, there are different types of skin and with each comes its peculiar need. These products were made to meet their needs. 

1. Loose skin 

Burt’s Bees

This serum contains active natural ingredients that were gotten from apples and hibiscus. The super hydrate your skin and makes it look plump. It also disguises fine fines and also, it does not contain parabens, petrolatum, and phthalates. 


The effect of this cream is boosted by its retinol content. If you are not interested in retinol products but desire its collagen benefits then you should go for this. The data tree and chicory root ingredient present in this serum can help fight against wrinkles. With prolonged use, it smooth and away wrinkles and fine lines.

L’oreal Paris

Exposure to the sun and polluted air over time causes damage to the skin. It is shown through the loss of skin firmness and discoloration. Vitamin C is one of the antioxidants that help to protect the skin from getting real damaged over time and also keeps it in shape.  

Renee rouleau 

This is especially for those who have been struggling with wrinkles and breakouts. This serum is made with a blend of lactic, salicylic, and glycolic acids. It makes the skin brighter, smooth, and free from breakout. 


This serum is especially good for anti-aging. It has a high concentration of some growth factors which helps in improving aging signs and general skin health. You will begin to see results after about four weeks of consistent use. Also, note that this product is quite expensive.  

2. Dry Skin 


If you are after a smooth complexion and have been told to get a cream that contains hyaluronic acid then you have met it. Cerave helps to hydrate your skin and is a short term filter. You will look picture perfect with this. 


These anti-aging serum will give your skin a smooth surface and even brighter complexion. If you are after that radiant glow then this is the best choice for you. The high quality and effective plant extract present in this serum-like oat, orthosiphon, and turmeric contribute greatly to the function of this serum.

Drunk elephant

The combination of beta and alpha hydroxy acids helps to keep the skin and it smooth and any marks of aging that are already showing. However, the acid in this skin makes the I’m in more sensitive especially in fun do it is best applied at night.  

3. Oily Skin 

Capture youth

The mixture of antioxidants in this serum brand helps to keep the skin protected and strong. The zinc and pink clay in it helps to absorb any extra oil all day long. With capture youth, you would not have to worry about bloating at 3 p.m  

4. Sensitive Skin 

La Mer 

The strengthening and smoothing service rendered by this serum is superb. A mix of vitamins, ocean gotten nutrients, and fermented sea derived kelp adds the repairing and extra calming benefits. 


This tops the list of anti-aging serums. It is one of the best retinol serums with an established function of boosting the production of collagen and it increases the dermis thickness. This leads to more youthful skin. It is good for everyday use and also for first-timers retinol users. 


The discoloration is a very stubborn skin problem and mostly proves difficult to treat. Using this lightweight revision serum provides a good form of vitamin C at the same time boosting vitamin E and C natural production in the body. It also breaks melanin and creates dark marks that stop the skin from springing out more of those.  


The name of this anti-aging serum may make you want to walk away from it but that might be a mistake. This serum contains a mix of hyaluronic acid and peptides which is not ordinary. It is known to improve the elasticity of the skin and its firmness in the long run while hyaluronic acid makes the skin plump for a short while.


Most of the creams we listed here are already approved by dermatologists but just to be certain that you are using what’s right for yourself, it is safer to have a personal recommendation. Anti-aging serums remain one of the most sought of skincare products, especially among the older population. We hope you make the right choice. 

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