Effective Anti-Aging Diet You Can Easily Follow

Combat aging not only with skin regimen but also with the right foods to eat. Here are the top 8 foods to include in your anti-aging diet. Read on!

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The way we look can greatly affect the way we feel and how confident we are. Looking youthful and attractive are two very important things to consider to look and feel your best. But staying young and looking like it can be challenging for most people since work demands and personal errands usually get in the way. Fortunately, there are some food items out there that can help people achieve their goal of reversing or slowing down the aging process. In this article, let us look at the different foods to include in your anti-aging diet. Read on and find out more!

Why Diet Matters: Anti-Aging from the Inside Out

People desire to look younger than their age to grow old while retaining their graceful beauty or good looks. There are several things to consider though, to achieve this. These include getting enough sleep each night, ensuring that a person sticks with a meticulous skin regimen. But one very critical thing that some people might overlook is their daily diet. One can even say that what you put in your body, is as important, if not more important than what you put on your body. This is because when people choose the right kinds of foods with the correct combination of minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients, they are doing some good, not just to their brain and body, but also to their hair, skin, and overall health for a longer period. 

Anti-Aging Diet: Some Food Items to Include

Enumerated below are some of the suggested food items to include in an anti-aging diet:

1. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds may be consumed to ensure that throughout your life, you have healthy bones. This seed contains increased amounts of fiber, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and calcium and can aid the body in keeping its skeletal system strong and healthy. On top of all this, sesame seeds are extremely tasty and flavorful. Sesame seeds are also readily available and can be requested in most diners and restaurants.

2. Nuts

A food item that is considered one of the best in terms of keeping the skin supple and young-looking is nuts and they can contribute to younger skin and better health if they are consumed on a regular basis. To maximize the possible health benefit from this type of food, it is recommended that individuals consume around an ounce or two (2) per day of mixed nuts. Ideally, individuals should take in a combination of pistachios, pecans, cashews, and almonds, all of which can contribute fiber that can help reduce cholesterol and provide proteins and vitamins such as phytosterols. 

3. Dark Chocolate

One study also showed that the regular intake of dark chocolate can have numerous positive effects, particularly in the realm of anti-aging. Dark Chocolates and cocoa polyphenols, which are plant-based compounds, can activate pathways that signal anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties that work synergistically to improve the health of the body and the skin. Polyphenols coming from cocoa can also result in nitric oxide release, a process that can lead to better health and protection for the heart. People who want to try out dark chocolate are advised to go for those with a higher content of cocoa as these dark choco variants contain reduced sugar compared to others.

4. Blueberries

Most berries contain increased levels of antioxidants but blueberries can provide you with the most antioxidants out there. Based on several studies, the phytochemicals present in blueberries can aid in limiting the severity and development of certain vascular illnesses and certain types of cancers. These vascular diseases include neurodegenerative diseases, ischemic stroke, and atherosclerosis. These blueberries can’t completely prevent strokes or cancers from occurring but they can help in lowering the severity and reduce the chances of cancer cells from being developed. 

5. Pineapples

For those who want their skin to be safeguarded, especially in terms of the aging process, people are advised to take in fresh pineapple daily. As it turns out, pineapple can be one of the best food items against aging and contains increased amounts of critical nutritional components such as phosphorus, vitamin C, testosterone, vitamin B, magnesium, and fiber which can all contribute to improved function for the bones, lungs, colon, immune system, brain, and the heart.

6. Limes and lemons

For people wishing to avoid wrinkles that are excessive and to ensure that the skin remains smooth, taking in water infused with limes and lemons is one of the best strategies to begin their journey towards better skincare. Studies point toward the intake of limes and lemons as increasing an individual’s vitamin C consumption, which can aid in greatly improving skin appearance and in reducing wrinkles for middle-aged women. One convenient way to enjoy the benefits of this health food and ingredient is to add some lime and lemon slices to a glass or jug of water before drinking.

7. Oranges

Increasing the number of oranges consumed has also been shown to increase the body’s production of collagen. This is because the said fruits contain collagen which has been proven to make skin look younger, dewy, and elastic. Similar to limes and lemons, oranges also contain increased amounts of vitamin C which can help the body in fighting off the symptoms of the colds and the flu and can also enhance the body’s immune system.

8. Watermelon

Watermelons are not just refreshing, but they are also a great way to increase the body’s water content and hydration. On its own, water can help the skin retain its fresh and young appearance through the provision of moisture to the skin cells. Also, studies were able to confirm that watermelon also contains significant levels of lycopene, a form of phytochemical that can help in protecting the skin against the harmful ultraviolet (UV) light of the sun. In short, watermelon can keep you hydrated and even safe from the negative effects of too much sunlight. That’s a win!

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