Anti-Aging Chocolate: Can Chocolate Help Reverse Aging?

Here’s a sweet treat for those who love an extra youthful glow with the plus of chocolate goodness. Care to know more about the Anti-Aging Chocolate? Indulge and enjoy the treat in this great read!

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Imagine a world where chocolates could not only make your happy hormones even happier but could also slow down aging? Yes, anti-aging chocolate! Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 21st Century! You might be asking how a bar of anti-aging chocolate could be thought of in the first place. Thanks to the brilliant scientists at Cambridge University as they have discovered “Esthechoc” which claims to have anti-aging properties. Let’s go ahead and see how chocolates are so much more than what the sweet tooth is raving about. Feel free to read on as this could be a lifesaver!  

Anti-Aging Chocolate: “Esthechoc”

Local markets and beauty industries have formulated a bunch of discoveries about beauty, health, and aging. Beauty clinics are everywhere spread out in the country- offering face lifting, anti-aging miracles, surgeries to revive youthful glow and skin rejuvenating services. And we could agree that it’s hurting our pockets more than the pricks it does to our faces and skin. But lo and behold, here comes something delectable without the pains of the needles and the claims of the same effect of doing an anti-aging treatment!

According to research, the anti-aging chocolate has changed the skin components of testers aged 50- 60 years old to the skin components to those aged 20-30 years old. This was after an experimental period of 4 weeks. During this time, those who have participated in the research ate one bar of the anti-aging chocolate Esthechoc which contains 70% Dark Chocolate and weighs about 7.5 grams of chocolate goodness. 

The Cambridge scientists have discovered increased blood flow to the skin which resulted in less inflammation and eventually slowed down the appearance of wrinkles in just a span of a few weeks. Well, that’s a miracle! Isn’t it amazing how science can bring so much wonder and beauty? How then could Chocolates do this amazing change in a human body?

Chocolate Origin 

Chocolates come from Cacao seeds and some of you might not know but chocolates are not originally sweet the way it is. Its seeds are intensely bitter and it needs to be fermented first before its flavor could be fully developed. Right after the fermentation process of the Cacao Seeds, it then gets roasted, cleaned, and dried. This is then how Cocoa is made. There is always a slight misconception about the two so Cacao is the seed itself fresh from the Cacao Tree while Cocoa is the fermented, processed seed ready to be made as to the world’s best-loved candy- the Chocolate. 

As one can imagine, the Cocoa has been through a lot of stages for it to become the chocolate we now know it- stored in market shelves and sold almost everywhere. It’s then produced into different kinds and three of the most common are the Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate- all containing a powerful source of antioxidant. 

Simply put, antioxidants produce fighting components that protect the cell from diseases that could cause congenital heart issues, viral infections, as well as cancer. The higher the Cocoa content there is, the healthier it is as it contains less fat and sugar. This then makes the Dark Chocolate the main and perfect ingredient for the anti-aging chocolate Esthechoc. 

Health Benefits

While it is true that eating too much of everything is bad for one’s health, being conscious of what we eat and how it’s being consumed could also do us good as moderation is key to achieve better results. If there is an excess in energy food consumption such as a bar of chocolate, an increase in the physical activity must be established as well, as this sweet treat has its reputation for weight gain and cholesterol surge if eaten excessively. 

But great news here, this delectable goodness has several health benefits that could do you well more than the harm it brings. This goodie is not only an anti-aging chocolate warrior but is also discovered as a perfect army for diseases. So the next bite you have on your chocolate goodness would make you a bit less guilty with these advantages. 

 1. Reduces Memory Loss and Better Brain Function

Several studies have proven that drinking hot chocolate and/or eating chocolate could help maintain the brain’s health for older people- even those who are also suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  

An experiment in 2014 by the Harvard Medical School found out that chocolate prevents nerve pathway damages which results in memory loss. It has also improved blood flow to the parts of the brain where it is needed for the young and old alike. 

2. Development during Pregnancy and Fetal Growth

A presentation in Atlanta, Georgia for the Pregnancy Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine in 2016 claims that eating about an ounce or 30 grams of chocolate every day for the duration of a mother’s pregnancy could help fetal development and growth. 

3. Lesser Chances for Stroke and Heart Disease 

A study with a control group of 44, 489 individuals claim that those who eat at least one (1) serving of chocolate a day have a 22% likelihood of being exposed to stroke and heart disease. A follow-up study published in 2015 by the Heart Journal has also tracked the impact of the chocolate diet of around 25,000 individuals maintaining the 100 grams of chocolate each day and has found out that 6 out of 10 individuals are linked to a lower risk congenital disease and stroke.

Does Anti-Aging Chocolate Work? 

Just like most of the studies made with chocolates being linked to health benefits, the anti-aging chocolate study is still a work in progress and experts in the health industry advised that it’s best to try this new method with caution and a dose of research as several trials are still being made to prove its long term effect.

As for now, the anti-aging chocolate named the Cambridge Beauty Chocolate is yet to be available in the American market but it’s already up and about for some local UK shelf stores. We can expect it to be pricier than a Snickers bar but we sure hope that with the several attempts to prove the company’s claims- the anti-aging chocolate could live up with the hype and buzz it now brings the beauty market!

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