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American Society on Aging (ASA), founded in 1954, offers skills and knowledge for people who wish to give their older adults a better quality of living. Read on to find out more

American society on aging

American Society on Aging (ASA) was founded a little above 60 years ago. It was founded precisely in the year 1954. Diverse folks came together to form this society. But one goal binds them all. They want to offer crucial skills and knowledge for people who wish to give their older adults a better quality of living. These different people come from different walks of life. They include professionals from different fields who have genuine concerns about the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and economic facets of aging. There is indeed no other place where you will find the range of expert disciplines and settings that ASA has. They have over 5000 members, including health experts, administrators, scholars, business people, politicians, educators, and students.

For over 65 years, this society has assisted professionals in navigating the several changes that are shaping and reshaping aging as a field. It is the only diverse society and multidisciplinary association serving experts in aging care. Times have changed in aging care over the years, but ASA has been consistent in supplying invaluable resources. No other body can parallel their knowledge and broad perspective on the subject of aging. They have an undaunted mission to boost the skills of professionals and support their careers. Anyone who is directly or indirectly serving and supporting older adults will benefit greatly from the resources of ASA. They assist their members in developing, refining, and leveraging their knowledge, skills, and resources.

A Brief Overview of Aging Care in America

There are 11 wealthy countries in the West. Out of them all, America has the most number of sickest old people. If you are 65 or older, you have higher chances of being sick than those of the same age in places like Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, and France.

The claim above is not just a flimsy one. Experts carried out a survey of about 500 to 7,000 elderly people in each of these countries before coming to that conclusion. They even found that more than 30 percent of aged people in America have at least 3 chronic health issues.

Aside from health issues, American senior citizens also suffered some financial problems. About 23 percent of ailing seniors can’t afford the care they need. And they are not getting help or care from any other place.

According to the survey, Australia is next to America but the gap is wide. As opposed to the 23 percent unattended ailing seniors in America, Australia had just 13 percent.

You may wonder how this survey was done. Experts talked to several seniors from these different countries over the phone. The survey lasted 4 months.

Many factors can cause poor health in seniors. Some of them are unstable housing, poverty, security, and food. There is also the issue of mental health and social isolation. These things may predispose seniors to poorer health outcomes.

Among all the problems that seniors face, loneliness seems to be a general issue across the world. A lot of seniors across all the countries feel socially isolated. And this creates a health hazard. When a senior is lonely, it is more likely for them to be sickly.

More so, scholars say that healthcare costs a lot more in America than in other Western countries. This makes it more difficult for U.S seniors to access proper care.

Thankfully, organizations like ASA have risen to the challenge. They are blazing the trail in fostering proper care for seniors in America. They have done this consistently for more than 60 years.

American Society on Aging: What They Do

ASA offers outstanding publications, online information, training resources, and professional education on aging care. Their resources are recognized nationwide. The depth and breadth of the information they supply are second to none.

ASA conducts conferences and webinars. They also offer diverse publications to discuss cogent matters on aging care. Since their members have diverse views and skills, you can trust that the wealth of their information is unmatched.

ASA offers many openings for professional training and education. The best highlight of their training is during their annual conference. They provide continuing education that is recognized and accepted nationwide across different disciplines.

“Aging in America” is what ASA calls its national conference. This conference is the largest gathering nationwide on aging every year. Diverse groups of healthcare experts, as well as across different fields like business, social service, philanthropy, and even government attend this conference.

These annual conferences have a single focus. They seek to empower people to provide better products, services, and support for seniors. But aside from the annual conference, they also provide online training opportunities all year round via webinars, featuring experts and leaders from various disciplines pertaining to aging.

ASA’s periodic publications offer cutting-edge research and info to keep professionals updated on current treads. They release new publications twice every month. They call these publications “Aging Today”.

“Aging Today” covers the latest news and advances, as well as controversies in policy, research, and practice. ASA also publishes a scholarly journal every quarter. This journal covers topics on the best practices, policies, model programs, and research studies.

All of these publications are accessible online. These publications provide rich and diverse knowledge and info for seniors and those taking care of them.

ASA also cheers people to make great impacts on seniors’ lives. They host various award programs to honor groups and persons that are doing well in taking care of the elderly.

Summary and Conclusion

ASA members include experts from diverse fields. But aging care is the chord that binds them all together. Their goal is to foster and fine-tune aging care. They do this through their conferences, webinars, and publications. To be honest, no other group has done as much as ASA has done in aging care.

American Society on Aging is a diverse body with national reach and influence. They have proven over the years that their vow to aging care is firm and steadfast. They also support people and other groups by boosting their skills and knowledge towards improving seniors’ quality of living.

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