First Signs of Aging Around the Eyes and What You Can Do About it?

Aging around the eyes, why does this happen? In this article we will enumerate the early signs of aging around the eyes and tips on how to fix and avoid it.

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Unless you want to look like a bandit wearing a strap of black cloth along the length of your eyes, then you probably are concerned about the signs of aging that show in and around the eyes. Aging is inevitable and it can sometimes be frustrating when your physical appearance and confidence are both affected by the appearance of such signs right in your eyes and in your face. It is not surprising then, that people will try to identify the first signs of aging around the eyes and how to address this. This article, let us look at some of the first signs of aging around the eyes and what treatment options are available. Read on and find out more!

Our Eyes And The Signs of Aging: A Brief Overview

The eyes are the windows to the soul and so it is saddening for most people to see that their eyes have begun to show the signs of aging especially since this is the part of the body that can get premature aging signs at the earliest possible time. This is especially if true if the skin in and around the eyes are not properly cared for. But why does this happen? Why do our eyes show the earliest signs of aging?

This is because the area surrounding the eyes has skin that is more delicate and thinner than the other portions of our bodies. In addition, our eyes also work an insane amount all throughout the day which involves the display of certain emotions and the simple act of blinking. Other possible reasons can include lifestyle choices, the amount and levels of stress caused by external factors,  UV (ultraviolet) rays, and genes can also contribute to the emergence of aging symptoms in and around the skin surrounding our eyes. Some of the common aging issues of our eyes include eye bags, puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles. The good news is that no matter how young or how old a person is, it is never too late or too early to provide the eyes with some good old loving.

Eyes and Aging: What Can You Do About It?

Enumerated below are some of the things people can do to help fight off the signs of aging in and around the eyes:

Moisturizing the area is critical

One of the most underappreciated and underrated steps in the skincare process is moisturizing. Our skin can be compared to a grape and once its water stores get depleted, it may start shrinking and lead to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. However, when some H2O is restored, the appearance of wrinkles and lines is significantly reduced and skin plumpness usually returns. This is true for the area around the eyes especially since they do not have enough oil glands to keep them moisturized all throughout the day, making them more prone to getting dry and wrinkly. People will commonly ask the question, “can moisturizers be applied to this area around the eyes?” and the simple and honest is “absolutely!” As long as you make sure that when products are applied, the eyes don’t get irritated. It must also be noted that it might be best to use an eye cream as some regular moisturizers can result in red or watery eyes accompanied by a sensation that is stinging. These eye creams usually have a formulation with components that are less likely to cause eye irritation.

Ingredient checking is important

People looking for the right eye cream must also look for the right ingredients based on what they want to address to treat. For those who wish to address fine lines, hydrating humectants should be sought after to contribute to the reduction of lost hydration. People should also look for components that can provide the eyes with that quick plumpness. As such, people should go for ingredients that are potent in the production of collagen. These include ingredients like growth factors, peptides, vitamin A derivative, over the counter retinol, and over the counter retinoid.

For those who wish to address the formation of dark circles or hyperpigmentation, people need to look for components that can fight off the sun’s harmful UV rays. These include azelaic acid, niacinamide or vitamin B3, soy, vitamin C, kojic acid, hydroquinone, and arbutin. 

For those who wish to address puffiness, they can first look into drinking lots of water and getting adequate sleep. For specific ingredients to aid puffy eyes, people can go for components such as willow herb, dipeptide-2 or Eyeliss, coffeeberry polyphenols, green tea, and caffeine.

For those who do not have a specific concern to address but would rather just protect their eyes from the signs of aging, it is best to look for products containing a lot of antioxidants. These potent ingredients can aid in the removal of free radicals which are usually caused by radiation, UV (ultraviolet), pollutants, and smoking. These can also prevent the progression of aging. In general, people should look for products with vitamin C, green tea, vitamin E, and Vitamin C.

It is important to always be gentle

It is essential that individuals show a little gentleness when dealing with the area around their eyes such as when applying cosmetic products and removing makeup around the eyes. As stated earlier, the skin in and around the eyes is especially sensitive and thin and can easily get damaged with too much pressure and activities. As such, any form of pressure that is excessive can potentially contribute to the production of wrinkles and fine lines.

Protection from the Sun is important

The sun can provide us with some important nutritional elements but excessive exposure to sunlight can lead to skin damage caused by harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays. As for the eyes, the sun can lead to the emergence of the premature signs of aging and can lead to the eyes becoming a shade darker. Sunscreen can do the trick in protecting the eyes and should seriously be considered.

Fight off the signs of aging around the eyes

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