8 Senior Organizations

There are several senior organizations that can provide support for retired people. It’s critical to know about them so you can get support if you’re in that age group and require information.

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About 15% of the USA’s population is made up of seniors. If you’re in that age group then you might find senior organizations that can provide support and assistance in certain areas regarding health, housing, finance, and so on.

There are various organizations that serve senior citizens in particular. This is critical because you can get specialized assistance instead of general help from an organization. There are also several organizations to pick from, which makes it easier to find one that meets your particular needs. For example, you might want a local or national group or one that specializes in a particular niche like health care.

These organizations also have different focuses. Some like AARP are senior-focused and cater to the general needs of those organizations. However, there are others that focus on senior-related issues like aging, Alzheimer’s, and Medicare. These organizations can also provide helpful information and support if you’re looking for info about those particular issues. The key is to know what you’re searching for so you can find the right organization to cater to your needs. There are several to pick from so it’s a matter of matching up your needs with the right organization.

USA’s Surging Aging Population

As the baby boomers continue to retire it’s causing the number of seniors in the USA to sky-rocket. In fact, it’s projected that senior citizens will outnumber children by the year 2035, which is less than a few decades away.

In fact, the numbers are quite incredible. The number of retired Americans is projected to double from 2000 to 2040 and reach 80 million by the year 2040. There are other key issues. For example, the number of 85+-year-old adults will also surge 4x from 2000 to 2040.

Such statistics highlight the need for seniors to find organizations for support. This can help to provide help with different issues from health care to housing, and from food to finances.

 By 2040 or so 20% of the USA’s population will be seniors. It’s projected that this factor could cause various fiscal issues. For example, younger people are significantly more likely to pay into programs like Medicare and Social Security. Some experts project that this situation could push federal budgets to the limit.

In fact, the number of workers paying into Social Security will likely plummet by 2040. There will be about 2 workers per Social Security recipient in 2040. That figure is significantly lower than the figure of 3.7 half a century ago in 1970.

There are various explanations for this population shift. One is dropping fertility rates. It spiked during the 1950s following the end of World War II. The figures then dropped until the middle 1970s.

The fertility rate is now around 2.1. This is basically the lowest fertility rate required to sustain the USA’s current population size. It’s a key factor because it makes the situation more challenging for seniors since there will be fewer workers in the next decades paying into social programs like Social Security.

8 US Senior Organizations

US Senior Organizations

1. Corporation for National and Community Service Senior Corps

This a network of 500,000+ seniors as grandparents, and RSVP volunteers. The programs access seniors 55+ years old including their skills, experience, talents, and creativity.

2. Alliance for Retired Americans

This organization was founded by various community groups and AFL-CIO unions. The main function is to protect retired Americans’ rights. It’s one of the various organizations with this function.

3. Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services

The website offers info on health insurance for 74+ million Americans who receive Medicare/Medicaid. The website offers news updates for seniors’ healthcare. Their families can also receive important information for their relatives.


This was formerly known as the American Association of Retired Persons. It’s the USA’s biggest organization for older Americans. In fact, over 50% of the AARP’s 50+-year-old members are working. The group focuses on issues like health/wellness, finances, and employment.

5. National Council on the Aging

NCOA is a private/non-profit group of organizations/individuals who focus on promoting the dignity/well-being/contributions of seniors through service, leadership, education, etc. The members include day service centers, senior centers, area agencies, meal sites, and senior housing.  

6. Assisted Living Federation of America

ALFA is the biggest association in the US that focuses only on the industry of assisted living. It represents 5000+ profit/non-profit assisted living providers. This serves as an advocate for the elderly since many are in assisted living.

7. The Administration on Aging

AOA is the US’s federal agency that’s focused on policy/planning for the elderly’s services as well as their caregivers. AOA is linked to various other organizations related to aging.

8. American Society on Aging

ASA is a national membership organization that’s existed since 1954. The members include researchers, educators and others working for seniors. ASA offers various programs linked to aging-focused training and education.

What Is the AARP?

This the USA’s biggest organization for retired people. One reason is that it doesn’t just include retired people. Another factor is many people 50+ years old are still working. AARP states that it’s a non-profit organization for people at least 50 years old. The AARP has received some criticism in the past. However, it has more than 30 million members. In fact, it’s one of the USA’s biggest non-profit organizations.

The AARP’s founding happened after the founding of the USA’s National Retired Teacher Association. It was founded in 1947. The AARP was launched for similar reasons. However, it was open to retirees from different professions. Members were just required to be 50+ years old whether or not they were retired.

AARP has provided various benefits for its members. That includes senior discounts. That includes airfare, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and theaters. This has made it easier for seniors to enjoy leisure activities.

The AARP also publishes a magazine for its members. The AARP deal with issues that 50+-year-olds have to deal with. It also offers its members social/political advice. There are various other organizations in the US that provide support for seniors.

It’s critical to join such organizations as a middle-aged/senior person. There are other organizations that have different focuses like aging, Medicare, and so on. This provides many options for this age group.

However, there’s no question that AARP is the leading senior-focused organization in the US. This helps to explain the large membership. It provides seniors with information, discounts, advice, etc.which can be very helpful for people in this age group.

However, if you’re looking for a more specialized senior group you can also find them. It’s just a matter of doing research to find the best option among various senior organizations.

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